What is a Malaysia Airlines Enrich Mile Worth?

It’s a question that I get a lot how much is a Enrich mile actually worth?  It’s also a very difficult question to answer because it depends how you value them.  Is it for upgrades?  Is it for economy flights? Or is it for Business Flights?

MH Enrich

In this post I’ll look at the straight value for booking Economy, Business Class and First Class redemptions on Malaysia Airlines flights only.  But before we get started there are four points that everyone should be aware of when redeeming Enrich Miles on Malaysia Airlines:

(1) Award Flight Types

There are three different award types of Economy, Business and First Class redemptions.  These are Basic, Smart and Flex award which increase in the amount of Enrich Miles required respectively.  For more details and the award chart please check out the Redeem Enrich Miles page.

(2) Malaysia Airlines Enrich Miles Discount

Malaysia Airlines does offer a discount for those redeeming on their flights online.  They offer a 15% discount, which of course makes your Enrich Miles more valuable!  You can find more about the Discount here.

(3) Availability isn’t Always There

Malaysia Airlines along with every frequent flyer program will only release a certain number of award seats available to book, so even if you have the Enrich Miles you may not be able to use them.

(4) Devaluations

Whatever you value a Enrich Mile at always remember that this is a frequent flyer scheme and so is subject to change at any time.  2013 saw quite a few programs, notably Hilton HHonors reduce the value of their scheme.

How to work out what your Enrich Miles Redemption is worth:

I tend to use the same method for calculating what I’m getting for my Frequent Flyer miles or Hotel points.  You take the cash cost of the booking, i.e. a flight and then subtract the taxes and fees you would be charged for an award booking.  The remaining figure you divide by the number of points that it costs to book.

(Cash Booking Cost – Taxes and Fees on Award Booking) / Points Used = Point Value

So let’s see what a Malaysia Airlines Enrich Mile is actually worth.

Economy Redemptions

Long Haul – Example Booking Kuala Lumpur to London – Dates 16th-23rd July

Cash Cost:


Points Cost:


So using the formula it’s (MYR 4,269-2,052)/51,000 = MYR 0.0434 so 4.3 cents per Enrich Mile

Short Haul– Example Booking Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok – Dates 16th-23rd July

Cash Cost:


Points Cost:


So using the formula it’s (MYR 606-496)/21,250 = MYR 0.0051 so 0.5 cents per Enrich Mile

So according to this example long-haul economy redemptions are of better value than short-haul.  However there are a few things to consider.  For example was the long haul ticket a sale fare? Was the short-haul ticket a peak season fare?  Always check before you redeem whether it is worthwhile!

You may also notice the very specific Enrich Miles costs – this is due to the 15% award discount that has been applied to my dummy booking.

Business Class Redemptions

Long Haul – Example Booking Kuala Lumpur to London – Dates 23rd-30th July


Cash Cost:


Points Cost:


So using the formula it’s (MYR14,924-2,745)/93,500 = MYR 0.13 so 13 cents per Enrich Mile.

Short Haul– Example Booking Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok – Dates 16th-23rd July

Cash Cost:


Points Cost:


So using the formula it’s (MYR 1,546-584)/38,250 = MYR 0.0251 so 2.5 cents per Enrich Mile.

Note here that both the long haul and short-haul redemptions business class offered better Enrich Mile value than that of the economy redemptions.  Obviously you need far more Enrich Miles for a business class redemption so it may not be suitable for some especially if you don’t fly frequently enough to save up before expiry dates.

First Class Redemptions:

Now the last look is at a Class redemption and specifically a First redemption on the A380 Kuala Lumpur to London route, here’s how it looked!

Long Haul – Example Booking Kuala Lumpur to London – Dates 23rd to 30th July


Cash Cost:


Points Cost:


So using the formula it’s (MYR 32,524-2,745)/272,000 = MYR 0.11 so 11 cents per Enrich Mile.

I was unable to find a short haul A380 route (the only aircraft with First Class) to check on the short-haul redemption.


So this is what a Enrich Mile was worth on Kuala Lumpur to London Redemption (cents per Enrich Mile)

  • Economy – 4.3
  • Business – 13
  • First – 11

As you can see the value increases quite dramatically from Economy to Business, but drops slightly for First class.  This is a logical link as the taxes and fees which you have to pay on all award tickets becomes a smaller proportion of the total cost of a ticket for a higher class.  I was surprised to see First class being of lower value than Business (I even checked a few other dates to verify and they came out with similar valuations).

For short-haul I used the example of Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok (although I was unable to get a short-haul First Class redemption):

  • Economy – 0.5
  • Business – 2.5
  • First – N/A

As you can see the value of a Enrich Mile drops if you use them to travel short-haul, especially for economy class tickets.  Interestingly it may actually be better to use your Enrich Miles on long haul economy than short haul business which for most schemes is not often the case (again I tried to verify this by checking several different dates). Long haul business and first class represent the best value for your Enrich Mile, at 13 and 11 respectively.  In addition to that there is usually great availability for using your Enrich Miles – more than other programmes.

In general as I’ve researched this piece there isn’t a lot of other information on what a Enrich Mile.  This is the benchmark that you should be using for your redemptions.

Things you should remember – redeeming for a short-haul ticket may actually be worthwhile if the cash cost is too high, again remember to check the value.  Also business and first class redemptions are always in high demand and Malaysia Airlines could at any time reduce availability so always bear that in mind when collecting points.  Finally, I’ve only looked at 5 examples here, and the value of a point is always subject to variation!

If you are looking for more information on the Enrich Scheme have a look around the rest of the site for deals, offers, guides and news.  Alternatively you can browse through the Enrich website.