What are Enrich Oneworld Partner Redemptions Worth?

Since the devaluation of the Malaysia Airlines Enrich program I’ve been looking at ways to work around the changes, and one of those is to use Enrich Miles for Oneworld Partner redemptions.

Cathay Pacific Business Class

Cathay Pacific Business Class

How to Find Out The Cost of a Oneworld Partner Redemption in Enrich Miles

One of the slightly annoying aspects of the Malaysia Airlines Enrich program is that it’s a little difficult to work out the cost of flight redemptions for partner airlines, so we;ve put together the following guide to help you through it:

How to Work Out the Cost of Your Oneworld and Partner Airline Redemptions Using Enrich Miles

So What’s the Value?

I decided to look at a few examples in the Oneworld network for this.  But before that I have to say that it’s a pain finding this information out as you have to call the Enrich call centre and some of the agents are not fully aware of the Oneworld options available – persistence is the key, and I have to say thanks to my partner for getting all of this together.

All the values are for return flights.

Sydney or Perth to London – Cathay Business Class

Enrich Redemption: One-Way 165,000 + RM 734, Return 254,000 + RM 1468

Typical Flight Cost: RM 18,750

Value: 6.8 sen

Perth to London – Qatar Airways Business Class

Enrich Redemption: One-Way 165,000 + RM 1381, Return 254,000 + RM 2762

Typical Flight Cost: RM 18,750

Value: 6.3 sen

Kuala Lumpur to Tokyo – Cathay and JAL Business Class

Enrich Redemption on Cathay: One-Way 82,000 + RM 185, Return 125,000 + RM 380

Enrich Redemption on JAL: One-Way 82,000 + RM 451, Return 125,000 + RM 900

Typical Flight Cost: RM 7800, RM 11,875

Value on Cathay: 5.9 sen

Value on JAL: 8.9 sen

Kuala Lumpur to London – Cathay, BA and Qatar Business Class

Enrich Redemption on Cathay: One-Way 131,000 + RM 254, Return 202,000 + RM 500

Enrich Redemption on BA: One-Way 131,000 + RM 1087, Return 202,000 + RM 2174

Enrich Redemption on Qatar: One-Way 131,000 + RM 732, Return 202,000 + RM 1350

Typical Flight Cost: RM 21000, RM 15000, RM 13000

Value on Cathay:  10.1 sen

Value on BA: 6.3 sen

Value on Qatar: 5.7 sen

British Airways Club World Business Class (787)


There are a couple of points to highlight from this.  Firstly, I’ve only checked on business class fares, Economy fares won’t get the same

Secondly, there is a large variation in the taxes and fees charged by the different Oneworld members.  In these example I looked at Cathay, BA, JAL and Qatar.  Qatar and BA were very expensive on those fees – with BA in particular charging 4 times the amount that Cathay were for the same destination.

Thirdly, consider the route you are taking.  Cathay for example has great connectivity and availability of business class seats, but it’ll often mean you end up paying more miles because the route is a longer distance.  So although you may pay more fees going a more direct route might be cheaper in miles.

These values have obviously decreased since the price hike this June and some are nearly half the value they were before.  Booking Oneworld awards on Malaysia Airlines is also difficult as the agents often have trouble with the awards.

Have you redeemed for Oneworld before?