Using Tigerconnect with Tigerair and Mandala

  logo_tigerconnect_180x47I recently posted on using AirAsia’s fly-thru service and thought that it would be useful to follow-up with a similar post on Tigerair’s offering.

Tigerair, Mandala and Scoot are all part of the same network and you’ll see flights from Sydney for example when you click on the departure point. You can mix and match the airlines as long as the transit is through Singapore.  For the purpose of this guide I’ve used the example of a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Bali – a short hop.  Here is a sample booking to show you how it looks:

Step 1 – As normal select the departure and arrival points, of course tigerconnect will only apply if you “connect” through Singapore.

 Frontpage of Tigerair


Step 2 – You’ll get through to the normal booking screen and you’ll see the connecting flights.

Usual Booking process


Step 3 – Beware that some of the connections aren’t quick!  I’ve seen some layovers that are 21hours ensure that you select ones that you are happy with.  If you want some time in Singapore then you can opt out of the service so that you can see friends and family just remember though that you’ll need the relevant Visa’s etc to enter Singapore and you’ll need to go through customs and security.

Long Layover:

Layover time


Step 4 – Continue the booking as normal

Connecting flights

The benefits of the service:

  • Tigerconnect means that there is no need to pass through immigration or collection of checked-in luggage for onward flight connections.
  • In the event of a delay caused by Tigerair then you should be covered, but their terms and conditions are not clear on what they will do. I would still ensure I had my own insurance.

In the event of a flight delay or misconnection caused by Tigerair, passengers should proceed straight to the Transfer Lounge E in the transit area whereby they will be able to get assistance.

  • For connections of longer than 8 hours you can deselect the Tigerconnect option allowing you to have the flights under one booking – but you’ll obviously lose the benefits, and have to pay the relevant Visa and arrival fees.

Opting Out of the Service:

Deselect Tigerconnect

The drawbacks of Tigerconnect:

  • The service is only available for customer transiting through Singapore, so you won’t see options when you are booking any flights out of Singapore.
  • Tigerconnect has some very long layovers to please check what you are selecting
  • The service costs S$16 (or the relevant local currency), and is automatically included in connections of less than 8 hours – you can’t deselect it for these types of transit.

Automatic Inclusion



This is a good addition to the services offered by Tigerair and could provide customers with the option of flying a low cost carrier rather than a more expensive flag carrier.  In addition the Tigerconnect service could also save you some cash is you would otherwise require a Visa for the transit.  The cost of the service is minimal and it’s quite easy to book, but I have to say it’s a little difficult to know where you can use it.  Unlike the AirAsia fly-thru service I couldn’t find any information on which routes it can be used, I know its connecting flights through Singapore – but it’s just not as clear.  Finally please beware of the long layovers, these could be a nasty surprise to people if they weren’t paying attention to the flights they’ve selected, I can imagine Changi will have a few people just wondering around waiting the 12 hours for the next flight.

You can find some general information on the service here:

Also you can find the relevant FAQs here (under tigerconnect):