Using Scoot’s Scoot-Thru Service

This is the third in the series of budget airline transfers and looks at using Scoot’s Scoot-Thru service. Scoot-Thru is a service specially created for passengers connecting between Scoot flights or flights operated by our partner airlines at Singapore Airport.

What flights can I use it on?

It can be used for Scoot flights that connect to either Scoot, Singapore Airlines, Silk Air or Tigerair that transit through Singapore Changi airport. I’ve attached the full list here:

List of Destinations

What’s the benefit?

  • Scoot-Thru eliminates all the usual worries around connecting between flights.
  • No rush: There’s no need to pass through immigration, collect your bags and check them in again. You can remain in the transit area (and get some shopping done at T2’s awesome air-side shopping strip).
  • No hassle: Just go to our transfer desk at Transfer E in Terminal 2 to collect your boarding pass. Then proceed to your departure gate. Easy!
  • Peace of Mind:  In case a delay causes you to miss your onward flight, we’ll make sure you’re booked onto the next available Scoot or partner airline flight without rebooking fees. Applies for interline fares only.
  • No need to book Scoot-Thru if you don’t want to, just as with TigerConnect you don’t need to book Scoot-Thru enabling you to visit friends and family or go and see a bit of Singapore on a layover (always think about having insurance though!).
  • Potentially combining a Scoot flight with an Singapore Airlines flight should (Unless G class fare) enable you to earn Kris Flyer miles on the Singapore Airlines portion of the flight.  I looked for additional information and not a lot was available to be honest.

What are the drawbacks?

  • It costs $S16 per person, per flight connection.  So if you book a return it’ll cost you $S32 per person.
  • You can alternatively choose not to book the service and do so on arrival at the Changi Connects transfer desk at Transfer E, but you’ll be charged $S20 per person (handling fees also apply but they aren’t stated as to what they are).  You will not be waived any rebooking fees or fare differences when you need to rebook onto a different flight, for example in the case of a flight delay.
  • According to Scoots own FAQs state that they won’t pay for overnight stay due to a mis-connection, so as they advise travel insurance is always recommended.

No hotel accommodation will be provided by Scoot or any of its partner airlines. For this reason, we strongly recommend that all guests carry travel insurance throughout their travels.  Please note that the above policy applies even where misconnections are attributable to delays or changes of flights operated  by Singapore Airlines or SilkAir.

  • Departure flight has to be a Scoot flight, if you are starting with a Tigerair flight then have a look at Tigerconnect.
  • You still have to check-in at the Changi but your bags go through.
  • Date, time and origin/ destination changes are not permitted for Scoot-Thru tickets (name changes are up until 12 hours prior).

How to book and what you should look out for:

Step (1) Select a departure point, you can do this straight from Scoot’s home page, but note only Scoot departure points will be shown.

In this example I will be flying from Sydney.

  Departure Point

Step (2) – Just as with Tigerconnect and AirAsia’s Fly-Thru Scoot will automatically show all the possible destinations.  I decided to select Kuala Lumpur.


Step (3) – You’ll come through to the flight selection page which has some important information for you.

Firstly note that you can select a mix of flights with the partner airlines, you can quickly see who you are flying with via the plane symbol colour coding.

Colour Coding for the Flights

Secondly, note that as with the Tigerconnect and AirAsia Fly-Thru service there are some very long connections – for these you will have to exit the departures area and go through immigration.

Long Layovers

Thirdly, you’ll notice that only one option is available and that’s the fly-bag.  Scoot say that this is to avoid complications with the booking process, but basically if you are using the scoot-thru service then you cannot book business.

No Biz Class

Step (4) So once you have selected your flights you can then proceed to select your various options.

If you are including a Tigerair flight in your booking then note you can’t pre-book meals.  But you can on the Scoot flights, as well as “Scoot TV and Fun”.  If you scroll down you will then see the Scoot-Thru Selection.

Additional Products

I selected one flight with a long-layover and the other a short one, and as you can see I have only 1 selection option for Scoot-Thru.  I checked the FAQs for the reason behind this but failed to find anything, but I suspect it’s a similar rule as per Tigerconnect that the maximum time is 8 hours in Changi.  Selecting Scoot-Thru will then add the $S14 per sector per passenger, but will give you the benefits as described.

Scoot Thru Details

Step (5) Once you have selected what you want you may then continue all the way through to payment.

Other Important Information.

There are minimum connection times:

Scoot Through connection times

You’ll find the check-in counters for Tigerair and Scoot in ,Terminal 2. The two airlines’ check-in counters are side by side in the departure hall on Level 2. Scoot’s check-in row is Row 10 and Tiger’s check-in rows are Rows 11 and 12. When you arrive in Changi Airport, whether your onward flight is a Tiger flight or a Scoot flight, head straight upstairs to the level 2 departure hall.


 As with the similar offerings from AirAsia and Tigerair Scoot-Thru is a service that enables you to avoid entering Singapore itself.  It also provides a limited amount of protection in the event of delays and misconnected flights.  If you are really going for a low budget then the service may not be for you, but always remember that you will have to go through immigration and hence pay any immigration fees associated with that, not to mention the hassle.  There doesn’t seem to be an automatic inclusion unlike with Tigerconnect so if you need it don’t forget to select it!  As with any connections it’s usually best to ensure you have travel insurance just in case.

Overall though this is a great service to be able to take advantage of low cost fares transiting through Singapore.  Changi is a great airport to spend time in so even if you have a few hours there I wouldn’t worry.

Here are the relevant website links:

FAQ’s –