Travel Saving Challenge

Ok so decided to get away for the long weekend that’s coming up in Singapore (incorporating a day of leave with Hari Raya Haji) – from the evening of the 11th to 15th and settled for Ha Long Bay in Vietnam with a stop in Hanoi.

So I’m going to use the advice in the previous posts to try and reduce the travel cost and save! Check these out for reference:

So I’m familiar with Singapore airlines so I go check there first and let’s see the price, at $S760.20 I don’t think so.

SIA Price

Use a Flight Scraper to check other Airlines

Ok so let’s use a flights scraper to see what the cost could be – the cheapest for the dates I looked is $S371 with Tiger. Well that has saved 431 Dollars straight away.

Skyscanner Check

Travel at a Different Time or Date

Unfortunately in this case I can’t take the Friday off so I’m going to look for flights in the evening instead.  So I used Skyscanners inbuilt function to change the departure time which you can see on the left of this image.  Interestingly (and I double checked), there are no evening direct flights to Hanoi so it comes up with the option of flying Malaysian via Kuala Lumpur (so I’ve checked indirect options by default here!), but at $S909 that is still too expensive.

Evening Flight

So the search continues, and I look at being more flexible with my timings.  So I look at the following day which comes out with a far cheaper option on Tiger at $S451 and at a time that I’m happy with – a saving of $S309 (On the original $S760 quote), not bad for a few minutes work.

Cheapest Tiger Flight

It’s worth pointing out that Skyscanner has a very useful tool to check on the cheapest prices per day which I’ve copied out below:

Whole Month Skyscanner

So last checks to see if I can get something off the price

  1. Cashback websites: I had a look at Quidco and Topcashback but unfortunately there are no offers available – most likely due to Tiger being a Low Cost Carrier.
  2. Promotional offers: None at the time, in fact Tiger were offering very good fares just 2 days after my travel period 🙁
  3. Credit Card Related Offers – None.
  4. Loyalty Points – No scheme to be able use them.

So there it is managed to save $S309, better than nothing!

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