Travel Apps

Airport Apps

Although I’m familiar with some airports its definitely not every one of them! One way to get to know where the nearest Starbucks, Gate or even Terminal building is to download the local airport App.

I’ve so far used the Changi airport which is shown below. My uses are the following

  • Incoming flights – mainly for meets and greets of people I know.
  • Outgoing flights – to know that my friend or relatives flight has taken off on time.  but mostly for where the gate is for my own purposes and when to get going from the lounge.
  • Terminal information – Which entrance, where the nearest currency exchange is.
Terminal, Check-in, Flight and Gate Information

Terminal, Check-in, Flight and Gate Information

iTunes link: iChangi – Changi Airport Group (Singapore)

Other airports that I’ve found have had useful apps are Helsinki and Heathrow.  Both have adequate terminal and flight departure/arrival information.  The Heathrow app also includes a journey planner because we all know it’s tough getting out of there!

The Changi app is by far the best, it has good status updates on the flights to the point where I tend to use it more than the boards in the airport (whether this is a good idea or not!).

Airline Apps

I do have other airline apps like Malaysian, Singapore and Lufthansa (in fact Lufthansa has a decent Ipad App), but the one I like most is the BA app. I tend to use the app for the following:

  • Boarding pass.
  • Checking my Executive club status.
  • Checking on whether flights have posted to the Executive Club (the flight history).
  • Managing my booking – check-in, terminal, gate etc.
  • Checking the flight status
Handy for quick reference and checking on Exec Club

Handy for quick reference and checking on Exec Club

iTunes link: British Airways – British Airways Plc

I just wish that they would include information on my other Oneworld alliance flights so that I could keep track of them all.  It would also be good to have an “expected points balance” to see where I’m going to get to on my tier points for the year.

I don’t tend to use the Lufthansa, Singapore or Malaysian apps but I have booked several times through the AirAsia app which is something that I don’t usually do – the process was however surprisingly simple.

Flight Scraper Apps


UK Skyscanner 468 x 60


I use both Kayak and Skyscanner apps on my phone, but find that the Skyscanner app is much more responsive.  Although I tend to use Kayak on my desktop or laptop pc I will use Skyscanner on my phone due to the responsiveness.  Both apps feature adverts which although small you do tend to find yourself touching them by accident.

Generally I think it’s a good idea to search ahead before you travel somewhere to see what apps are available for the location you are going to.  Using the internet to find out the information you need is generally slower than using a purpose designed app and if you are paying expensive roaming rates you want it to be as quick as possible.