Tigerair Platinum Credit Card Voucher Redemptions

This is an update to the recent Tigerair Platinum Credit Card Review I’m now looking at the voucher redemption options for the flights, as this was one area that wasn’t clear from the sign-up or from any users.

How do you book your voucher redemption

Booking a redemption is pretty straight forward, you just login using the “standard chartered tigerair platinum credit card” link:



This takes you through to a relatively simple interface which is quite self explanatory.  Weirdly though I couldn’t find anywhere that tells me how many vouchers I actually have.  I know I have two from the promotional sign-up but it’s not obvious. Tiger AirwaysTo redeem you just click through the link and select the departure point.  You’ll only have Singapore as an option as per the terms and conditions the vouchers can only be used for departure out of Singapore.

Limited OptionsAvailability.

I checked the Singapore to Phuket route, a likely favorite with cardholders.  My sample was next day, 2 weeks, 4 weeks and 8 weeks in advance (I included the flexible dates either side).  These were the results:

1 Day – 75% of flights had free tickets

2 Weeks – 83% of flights had free tickets

4 Weeks – 66% of flights

8 Weeks – None available

The 8 week period made the booking for the Christmas holiday period and between the 20th of December and the 31st there were no available redemptions.  So that suggests if you want to use the redemption during holiday periods then you may be out of luck, you probably need to be more flexible.



Remember that tRoutes for Tigerairhe routes for using the redemption are limited, and when you select your departure point (Singapore), these will be shown.  They are of course all short-haul but nevertheless popular destinations.


Now if you are doing a one way journey then effectively the deal is you get a free flight.  However if you are booking a return you’ll have to pay for the return leg no matter how many vouchers you have as they are only valid for flights out of Singapore.

However if you have say two passengers and two vouchers then you can use both vouchers for that booking.

The savings you can potentially make on the card are surprisingly good.  I mentioned during the review that as you earn a voucher for every $S5000 then a saving on a flight of $S150 would be a decent return at 3% effective cashback.  In my sample booking for 4 weeks ahead these were the potential savings.

Firstly availability was as follows:

Sold Out Tigerair

The resulting booking would have been the following, note that the vouchers (the two from the sign-up offer) were both used on the Singapore leg.

Example Booking

When I looked at the cash price for two passengers would have been $S176, resulting in a cashback equivalent of  1.76% if I had earned the voucher through a $S5000 spend.

Booking Cost

After looking at the other destinations the fares that could be booked using the voucher (on the same dates) didn’t seem to go above $S76, adding up to a total cost of booking of $S118 per passenger, if booked using the voucher (they were available) that makes an equivalent cashback of 2.36% a reasonable saving.

Other Benefits

Of course for any of the voucher bookings or for bookings made using the credit card you get the other benefits.  For the baggage there is no increase in cost for the extra 5kg on a 20kg payment.  In addition boardmefirst is free.

Baggage Freebies BoardmefirstConclusions

The sign-up bonus on the Upfront rewards promotions gives you two free flight vouchers until the 31st of January –  even at the lower level this could be worth over $S176 alone, more than the $S80 offered on the Future Rewards Plan.  But if you manage to get one of the better redemptions then it could be worth over $S200.