Thoughts From Our First Points and Miles Meetup in Singapore

We had our first Points and Miles Meetup on Tuesday night in Singapore, and I co-hosted it with Steve Hui from iFLYFlat.  It was a really interesting evening with some great discussions, and I just wanted to share some of what we talked about and say thanks for those that came along.

 Thoughts From Our First Meetup in Singapore

What do People Want More of?

Well basically more on credit cards in Singapore, especially what are the highest earning cards are.  Last year I focused on those cards that had sign-up bonuses of which there are ten in Singapore so if you are new to this or want a few extra miles check out that post using the link below, but I’ll be working on these higher earning cards in the near future based on this feedback!

Best Credit Card Sign-Up Promotions for Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Miles

I also put together a few reference tables based on crowd sourced data here in Singapore, the time it takes to transfer to Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer and the Singapore credit card list.

Discussions on Using Airline Miles and Points

There was a lot of variation in what people use their miles for, some that bought miles from many different airlines and redeeming them for all sorts of things, also we had some that wanted to redeem for round the world trips and others that had a specific purpose like a honeymoon trip.  I posted up just this week about one of my uses too – just making a flight cheaper.

There was also some healthy debate as to whether to use miles for First class, or whether to have extra business class flights (the option I tend to go for).  For me the takeaway there is what could you use you hard earned KrisFlyer Miles for?  I’ll be posting about this too.

Stories, Stories and Getting a bit Particular About Seats

We also chatted about some of our more interesting flight stories, I shared my recent Air India flights to the UK and back from Singapore – I’ll be writing a trip report about that so stay tuned!  There were clearly some adventurous people around with some very interesting stories of some of the airlines they’ve flown including some of the regional carriers in South America and the Balkans in Europe.

Closer to home there was discussion on Singapore Airlines, Qantas and Malaysia Airlines business class seats, including an interesting use of the Singapore Business class seats on the 777 and A380 as a place that’s excellent for small children due to the width of all things!

It was great to hear everyone’s stories and experiences so I’m going to be looking to run another event in a few months to make it a regular thing.  So hopefully I’ll see you there.

As I mentioned in the invite, I’m interested to know if readers in Kuala Lumpur would want a similar event?  Let me know and I can organise something!

PS – little quiz, what’s the airline in the picture called?