The One Tool I Use Every Day to Manage my Miles and Points

I have dozens of different miles and points accounts and the one tool that I really can’t do without is AwardWallet which helps me keep track.


AwardWallet – the Miles and Points Tracking Tool

AwardWallet It’s a free tool and is available to anyone and it’s one that I use to track not only my programs but also those of my partners and of my parents to help maximize the amount of miles and points they get too.

AwardWallet has quite a few features but the main ones are:

  • Ability to track current loyalty balances – including status, increase/decrease in miles/points
  • Miles and points expiration
  • Tracking of trips
  • Track multiple users

For me within these features there are few added bonuses that make be a big fan of the site:

Extra Security on Your Miles and Points

One of these that may not be obvious at first glance is the security that the system provides. There’s always something in the news about a program being hacked and accounts being emptied. Recently my British Airways Executive Club was frozen by BA, and the first notification I got was from AwardWallet stating that my balance had reduced to “0” before BA had sent any mails about what was going on. This prompted me to investigate and although my account was reinstated soon after it was a good warning for me.

Tracking and Having Access to Your Accounts on the Move

Secondly, AwardWallet also has an App which makes this so much easier to track on the move and comes in handy when you forget the various cards. You can use the App to update all of your balances to see what you current transactions and latest count on your miles and points.

Notifications of Upcoming Trips

Finally one of the features that I actually find super useful is the trips function. My partner travel more frequently than me on very short trips and I’ll admit that I get confused as to where she is from one week to the next – but AwardWallet helps me keep up to date about where she’s going to next.

How AwardWallet Could be Better

There are a couple of things though that I don’t like about AwardWallet. Unfortunately it is still quite US and Europe focused, but there are some local programs that do track like American Express. Some of the loyalty programs require a browser extension to login, which for me anyway doesn’t work on my work computer. I know that some potential users might be worried about their data, but for me the convenience of AwardWallet outweighs the risk.

Free 6 Months at Plus Membership Level with AwardWallet

Anyone that signs up through the FlyStayTravel link will get 6 months at the plus membership level which allows to track unlimited miles and points programs including all of their expiry dates:

AwardWallet FlyStayTravel Referral

According to the AwardWallet website they are managing a total of 62 Billion points and miles across 648 programs. It only takes a little while for you to input your accounts, any password changes you’ll have to input too.

I’m a huge fan of AwardWallet, it’s certainly made my life easier!