The “Frequent Flyer” Video – Are You One of These?

If you are a l frequent flyer then you may recognize yourself in this production called “Frequent Flyer” by Gabriel Leigh.

The Frequent Flyer Video Are You One of These

The “Frequent Flyer” Video

Gabriel Leigh writes: “Frequent Flyer” is a 20-minute documentary about frequent flyer miles, the people who collect them, and the world of airports and airplanes that they inhabit.

The result is a look at the world of miles and some of its most enthusiastic participants, examining how miles and points have become an important world currency and, in turn, an obsession for those who have figured out ways to earn them in the millions.

The quality is good, much better than most frequent flyer videos, and if you like this one you’ll be pleased to know that a new documentary is being worked on via kickstarter funding.

The video is now a few year old and is based more upon the US, but it’s really interesting.  Even for those that aren’t a frequent flyer – it may be a fascinating insight for you!

Here is the video:

Frequent Flyer from Gabriel Leigh on Vimeo.

You can find out more about the video and Gabriel on teh Altimeter website here: