The Economist and KrisFlyer offering 3,000 Miles for New Sign-Ups

The Economist and KrisFlyer are offering up to 3,000 Miles for New Sign-ups which is a big downgrade from the previous offers that were available as part of the subscription packages which offered up to 12,000.

Back - Amazing KrisFlyer Promotion with New Economist Subscriptions - Earn Up to 12,000 Miles!

The Economist and KrisFlyer Subscription Offer

There are two offers available for Singapore, Australia, Malaysia and Hong Kong between now and the 31st July.  This is the Singapore version of the offer:

  • Earn 2,000 KrisFlyer Miles for a 1 Year subscription S$510
  • Earn 3,000 KrisFlyer Miles for a 3 Year Subscription S$1,305

Note – ignore the first page these numbers are only seen when you click “subscribe”.

Both of the offers are for the full subscription package giving you the print copy weekly, full access to digital version on iPad, iPhone, Android etc.  You’ll also get full access to the as well as full access to The Economist in audio.

The Economist is one of my favorite publications along with National Geographic and one that I regularly read whilst traveling, it’s a must for anyone with a general interest international news, politics, business, finance, science, or technology.  You can find the subscription details here:

KrisFlyer Promotion with New Economist Subscriptions – Earn Up to 3,000 Miles

They’ve made this offer worse than previously where they were offering 8,000 Miles for 1 year and 12,000 for the 3 year.  I’m guessing it was pretty popular as it was effectively a cheap way of buying KrisFlyer Miles.

I’m also not sure if the above link is correct as it’s advertised on the Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer site but without a working link!  You can find out more here:

KrisFlyer Promotion with New Economist Subscriptions – Earn Up to 3,000 Miles

Cheaper Way to Buy KrisFlyer Miles?

If you purchase KrisFlyer miles through Singapore Airlines then it’ll cost you 40 USD per 1,000 or 4 cents per Mile (0.05 SGD), you can buy them more cheaply through Starwood check out this post for details.

With this promotion the 1 year deal actually works out better offering 6,500 Miles at a cost of S$510 which is 7.8 cents per mile which is quite a bit higher than buying them outright.  If you value The Economist then this could be a pretty good deal.

The 3 year subscription works out worse from a miles earning perspective at nearly 12 cents per mile, but obviously the cost per issue is lower.

Under this new deal there it would absolutely make no sense to get the subscription to bump up your miles – only go for it if you want a good read!


Whether you go for a one year or a three year will depend on two things in my mind:

  1. Whether you want to subscribe for a full 3 years at the cheaper rate (and forgo any further offers)
  2. The likelihood of another promotion

I can’t answer question 1 but for question 2 we’ve already seen several promotions before and they appear to have gotten worse.

I signed up for the one year in 2015, but I’m not sure that I think at this rate it’s worth it.  The miles did take a long time to post (more than 8 weeks), but they did eventually.

KrisFlyer Promotion with New Economist Subscriptions – Earn Up to 11,000 Miles

Have you taken advantage of this offer?  Did you receive the miles yet?