Status Match KrisFlyer, Enrich or Hotel Programme with StatusMatcher

It’s not commonly known that you can get that high status without actually spending a significant amount of money with a particular airline, hotel or car hire company through using a Status Match – here is what I looked at for KrisFlyer, Enrich and Hotel Programmes.

What is a Status Match?

All of the airlines, hotel or event car hire firms are always trying to get new customers, and one way that they do that is through loyalty programmes.  If you have a higher status level with one company compared to the other you may choose that firm over others as you get extra perks and deals.  So with that in mind competitors will try and lure you away with either a status challenge or a status match.

What can you Status Match?

Well there are no hard and fast rules, but usually you would match either an airline, hotel or car loyalty programme – but if there are others you can always try, no harm in doing so!

Where can you find Information on Status Matches?

Handily there is an online resource now called – yes you guessed it StatusMatcher!  The website is a great resource for finding out which programmes you can leverage with, and which ones generally accept a status match.  It’s based on what frequent flyers and travellers have put in so I encourage you to put in your experiences too.


Status Match with Malaysia Airlines Enrich and Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer

I decided to check out what other people’s successes had been with Enrich and KrisFlyer, and I wasn’t surprised to see that neither programme had given out any “free” status as a result of a Status Match.  I was however surprised how many times Status had been leveraged – see the results below:

Status Match KrisFlyer Status Match EnrichAll of the Matches to KrisFlyer and Enrich were Denied – So what can you do?

As you can see KrisFlyer and Enrich are pretty uncompromising and don’t offer matches, but it’s not all bad news.  The status that you have with these airlines can offer you status with another which maybe useful if you are switching airlines due to a move, or they no longer fly your routes.  Similarly if you are not going to fly as frequently and your status is going to expire then match with another Alliance partner (Oneworld for Enrich and Star Alliance for KrisFlyer) to keep your frequent flyer benefits.

If you are looking to get access to the KrisFlyer lounges then it’s worth checking the matches for Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles programme as that is known to be offering matches to Star Alliance Gold.  If you are looking for access to Oneworld benefits as you fly Malaysia Airlines then it’s worth checking out Air Berlin and Cathay Pacific.

Status Match Hotels

The hotel chains tend to be more generous with status matches and you can often pick up a high level status quite quickly without too much effort, you can then really leverage that going forward – a great way to keep perks!  I’ve picked out the Hilton HHonors status match report below and you’ll notice quickly that most people have put down their result as a challenge which is where you’ll be given the status for a lower qualification amount than if you start from scratch.

Status Match HiltonConclusion

If you are looking to get free status with Enrich and KrisFlyer there is no harm in asking for a match from another programme but I wouldn’t expect much.  If you currently have status with either I would use it as leverage with another programme – but beware you can usually only do this once so choose carefully.  For specific details go to StatusMatcher on how others have achieved their match (e.g. where to email, what statements are required).