35,000 Miles for the Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Credit Card

Standard Chartered has made some great changes to its Visa infinite Credit card with some fantastic new features and a big 35,000 Miles for new sign-ups which makes the Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Credit Card one to have in your wallet.

Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Credit Card Review

About the Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Credit Card

The Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Credit Card is issued by Standard Chartered in Singapore and is available to those with and without Priority Banking in Singapore (therefore opening the card up to more since its previous version).

The card earns 360º Rewards which can be converted only into Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Miles.

Sign-Up Bonus

You have a choice of two sign-up bonuses:

  • 35,000 Miles
  • 25,000 Miles and $S100 Uber Credit

Personally I would stick with the 35,000 Miles as you’ll get better value for the extra 10,000 if you value a KrisFlyer mile at 2 cents per mile.

This is nearly the highest sign-up bonus but you can find the others here (updated monthly):

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The bonuses are subject to paying for the $550 annual fee – which is high.  The income requirements for non-priority banking customers is high as well at $150,000.

Other Benefits

This is a Visa Infinite Credit card and hence comes with various Visa Infinite benefits.  The biggest of which for me is the Hilton HHonors Gold Status which comes after 2 stays or 4 nights.  You can find out more about this benefit and the sign-up using these links:

Hilton HHonors Gold Status

Visa Infinite Sign-Up for Hilton HHonors Gold

As well as those hotel benefits the card also comes with Visa Luxury Hotel Collection benefits and benefits at the Fullerton Hotel.

The card also comes with 6 Priority Pass lounge access passes which is a downgrade from the previous unlimited access. If you’re looking for a cheaper card for annual fees and eligibility it’s worth taking a look at the ANZ Travel Visa Signature Credit Card instead.

The card also comes with a 10% discount on Uber rides

Pay Your Taxes with the Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Credit Card

One new feature for the card is to be able to pay your IRAS income taxes which at the moment is available on the HSBC and ANZ credit cards.  The catch is that the processing fee is 1.6%, which assuming you’d get 1 Mile for each $S1 you’d be paying 1.6 cents for the miles which is low and means a cheap way for buying the miles.

The earn rates haven’t been confirmed yet.

What is the Annual Fee?

The annual fee is the same as the other two cards at $S550 which is waived for the first year unless you take the bonus of 10,000 Miles.

Bonus for Renewal?

This credit card has no bonus for renewing the card, for cards with renewal bonuses check out this article:

Buy KrisFlyer Miles Cheaply With Credit Card Renewals in Singapore

What Do You Earn per $1?

Usual earning rates are 1 KrisFlyer Mile per $S1 spent on the card, which is low compared to others on the market.

However, until December 31st Standard Chartered has two promotions:

  • Earn 3 Miles per $S1 on overseas spend (spend of $S2,000 per month required)
  • Earn 1.4 Miles per $S1 on local spend (spend of $S2,000 per month required

Outside of the promotions you’ll earn:

  • 1 Mile per $S1 on local and overseas spend without a minimum spend of $S2,000 per month.

For local spend you can’t do better without a accelerator credit card.  After the promotions periods the earning rates are lower and you should switch spend onto different cards.  I wouldn’t spend on the card without hitting the $S2,000 per month.

What is a Point Worth?

Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Miles can be worth a varying amount so if you are looking at this particular card versus a credit card that offers cashback then you should have a look through these articles to help inform you decision:


  • Sign up bonus – 8/10
  • On-going Spend – 8/10

The sign-up bonus is excellent, but the fee for the miles is very high.  I would personally stick with the higher miles than the Uber credit for the sign-up

There are higher bonuses available, without the high fees check out this post for details:

Best Credit Card Sign-Up Promotions for Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Miles

For ongoing spend the rates are good for overseas and local spend but are only available until the end of the year, the 1.4 Miles per $S1 on local spend is the highest without an accelerator card.

You’ll have to decide whether to renew the card after a year, but without the unlimited Priority Pass it might not be worth it.

You can see more on the card here:

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To help you out with your credit cards in Singapore we also have a number of other resources available to you:

What do you think of this Standard Chartered Credit Card?