SriLankan Airlines Business Class Review – A320 SIN-CMB

Everyone has been asking me to do more reviews of my flights so I thought I would start with the most recent and work back, so here’s my SriLankan Airlines Business Class Review between Singapore Changi and Colombo on their A320 aircraft.

Details of the Flight

I flew from Singapore to Colombo on my way to London.  Flight UL307 is the morning flight – 9.45am.  I generally prefer evening flights but this was much cheaper than other alternatives.  The flight is operated by an A320, which for a 3.5 hour flight is slightly small for my liking.

The Business Class Seat

The seats are organised in a 2-2 configuration with a depth of 4 meaning there are a total 20 seats in business class.  The seats aren’t the most attractive that I’ve seen but they are relatively comfortable and were nice and wide.


The seats don’t have a big recline, despite the fact that I think they can go further considering the space available.  There is plenty of legroom.

The tray table goes the full width of the seats and is designed to use the armrest on the other side of the seat, this gives it some extra rigidity meaning that it’s actually quite good for working on.

Unfortunately the tray table needs to be stowed or put to one side when you want to get up as there’s no rotation to one side.  I found this a little annoying as I was working on the flight and I had to put my things o the floor when I wanted to get up.

The other drawback of the design is that the TV screen is not attached to the seat in-front and instead is located in the armrest.  The screen itself is relatively small with a poor resolution.  In addition to that the screen knocks into any food on your tray when meals are served.


It’s best to view the TV screen with with a little recline.  As you might expect for a South Asian carrier there’s a mix of Bollywood and Hollywood – for Westerners note that the Hollywood selection is small but did contain the latest releases.

In terms of other equipment the Seat comes with one USB port and multi-socket which are both located on the armrests.

Service on Board SriLankan Airlines

The service both on-board and elsewhere was pretty good overall.  I had a good check-in experience – it was prompt and done with a smile.

There was a good greeting on entering the aircraft and I was shown to my seat 2F.  The cabin attendant also volunteered to put my bag in the overhead cabin, as he did with all the other business class passengers.

A pre-flight non-alcoholic drink was offered – Orange, Mango, Apple and Water – I opted for the Mango which was pretty good (although something I don’t have often so don’t quote me).  I didn’t ask for an alcoholic drink so not sure if they offer pre-flight (some airlines don’t out of Changi due to the duties).

They also offered a hot towel, and probably the hottest I’ve ever had – always be careful with little ones with those hot towels.  Orders for the meal were taken pre-flight as well which I always think is the best way to go.

The only small hiccup was that they didn’t take away my glass before we took off which was a little annoying, on my later flight to London from Colombo it was also the same situation.

The meal was served soon after takeoff (more on that below), and the staff were attentive to those that had finished their meals and took them away promptly.

The drinks service was a little non-existent at first but after a while the crew started to come through the cabin on a more regular basis.

Wide range of Meals Available

I never set my expectations too high for short-haul flights, especially on small aircraft like the A320.  But I was pleasantly surprised by the selection available:

I opted for the Buttered Chicken which was a very popular choice on the flight, which came with some Poori and Dahl.  It was pretty tasty but I do confess to putting some extra pepper on to spice it up a little.

The meal came with a wide selection of bread from toast to buns to croissants and the croissant I had was nicely done – not the soft overcooked versions you sometimes receive.  Fruits and a yoghurt was also served with the meal.

Again the only annoyance was that if you were eating it was a little hard to watch TV as it ends up sort of sat in your meal, and if you aren’t reclined it’s a little hard to see the TV.

I do confess to having a glass of bubbly – I can’t resist.  This is the drinks list for SriLankan:

IMG_7448 IMG_7449

What did I think of SriLankan Airlines A320 Business Class

Overall I was pretty happy with my experience, a comfy seat and a decent meal.  I don’t think the design of the seat has been fully thought through and could do with some improvements.

I’d fly this route in business again if I was transferring, but probably wouldn’t fork out the price for what is a short-haul flight.

Have you flown this route before what did you think?