Singapore Airlines Partner Award Search Using ANA Mileage Club – Star Alliance

It is well-known with the frequent flyer community that ANA has one of the best (if not the best) free and publicly available tools for searching Star Alliance award availability, and for Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer members the best for partner award searches.  This post will look at how you search for award availability through their tool.

Star Alliance

Other Search Guides

Just to let you know as well we’ve done a few other guides, but otherwise read on for the detail on the ANA tool.

Step (1) Sign-Up for ANA Mileage Club

To search for Star Alliance award availability with ANA but you’ll need to be a member of ANA Mileage Club before you can do so.  You can do this by clicking the link below:

ANA Mileage Club Sign-Up

Step (2) Go to the Search Tool

For some reason ANA seems to hide the actual tool, but you can find it via the link below:

ANA Award Reservation Search Tool

Step (3) Login and Search

Once you’ve logged into the tool, you’ll find that either the option to search for Star Alliance partner awards are Blue or Grey.  They are blue if your account has miles or grey if you don’t, new members will of course have grey like in the image below.

Singapore Airlines Partner Award Search Using ANA Mileage Club - Star Alliance

It is still possible to search for Star Alliance award availability through a workaround which I’ll show you in the next steps.

Step (4) Workaround Without Miles

If you don’t have miles the workaround is to first search for a flight award with ANA – just choose one of their routes and then search.

Once you have completed that scroll down to the bottom and you’ll see that “Use Star Alliance Partners” is now blue and clickable.

ANA Search for Flights - Star Alliance Partners

Step (6) Search for Your Partner Award

You’ll now be able to change the route and search for your preferred flights on Star Alliance partners using the ANA tool.  Once you have clicked through to “Use Star Alliance Member Airlines” you’ll be able to search for your flight.  This is a simple point A to B search.

In this example I’m looking at flights from Singapore to Beijing in October:

ANA Partner Award Search

Once you click “Next” below you’ll end up with the results – it’s a quick search.

Search Results

What this page tells you is that those where “OK” and the yellow “Select” there’s space available.  So from the search above business class seats are available on CA970 and CA976.

If there’s no availability you can use the 7 day search instead to find space.  This can be found at the bottom of the search page:

Search Options

If you select a 7 day search the  results will give you a 7 Day period from the date that you originally selected – in this case the 20th of October.

Results come up in a similar way to the single day search, with “OK” representing space on that particular flight.

One of the great features using this tool is that you can see the availability for each flight for 7 days – so if you want a specific flight then your chances are much better at finding it with this search.

7 Day Search

Easiest Ways to Get ANA Miles?

If you want to avoid the hassle of having to do this workaround there are some easy ways to get access by crediting some miles to you ANA Mileage Club account.  Although there isn’t a specified amount I’ve seen a minimum of 100 Miles and I’ve seen a confirmed amount of 500 Miles to get access to the tool.  You could fulfill this requirement in a number of ways; by crediting a Star Alliance flight (or ANA partner flight), crediting a hotel stay or transferring credit card points to ANA Mileage Club.  For all of these I suggest that you check out the ANA earning pages:

Earning Miles on ANA

The easiest way would seem to be either a transfer via Starwood Preferred Guest where you could transfer the minimum requirement for free if you are a Platinum member, otherwise you’ll need to do 1,500 for Gold and 2,500 for Preferred (they transfer at a ratio of 1-1).  The second method would be through Amex, but the transfer ratios will depend on which country you are based in so checkout your Amex site for details (and whether they are a partner).

Your miles will expire in 36 months, so you may in future have to do this again if another tool hasn’t become available by then but for the ease of access and flight search capability these few miles will pay themselves off.

Booking the Flights Found with the ANA Tool

Unless you are using miles from ANA you’ll need to call or book through your respective airline.  For Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer members you’ll need to call the call centre to do so.  I’ve got some tips for you before you book though:

Tip 1 – Be calm and relaxed, it is likely they won’t have made this type of booking before.

Tip 2 – Ensure that you allow yourself enough time to make the reservation, if I have to call through I try and use hands-free and allow a decent block of time.

Tip 3 – Have the ANA search open, so that if they can’t find the exact flight you were looking at you’re able to then change the dates/times in order to get availability – as will all award flight bookings you’ll need to be flexible.

Tip 4 – If you don’t succeed with the first agent to hang up and call again, you’ll inevitably get through to someone different who might be more patient or have some better experience.

If you have any search tips, please share them with everyone else!