Singapore Airlines Launches KrisFlyer Spree – A New Online Shop Earning KrisFlyer Miles

Singapore Airlines launches KrisFlyer Spree – A new online shop earning KrisFlyer Miles. Since the launch a couple of weeks ago they have added a load of counties to the earning options, including Malaysia!  You can find the shop in the KrisFlyer Miles section here.

Singapore Airlines Launches KrisFlyer Spree – A New Online Shop Earning KrisFlyer MilesThere is good news here as this opens up many new options for earning KrisFlyer Miles in Singapore and other locations around the world. It looks pretty similar to other airline online shopping portals like gate 365 from British Airways. The KrisFlyer Spree store is linked to your KrisFlyer account so no additional registration is needed just login using your normal details.

You can find the shop in the earning section of KrisFlyer here.

Region Coverage for KrisFlyer Spree

The KrisFlyer Spree store covers the following regions, and you may be able to get deliveries from the stores to your particular location.

  • Australia
  • China
  • France
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Malaysia
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Spain
  • Taiwan
  • United Kingdom
  • USA
  • Vietnam

In order to see the relevant retailers you’ll need to select the correct region as the retailers vary from one to the next. For those based in Singapore you’ll find the number is limited compared to the UK and US markets.

How Many KrisFlyer Miles Will You Earn?

There are hundreds of different stores from Apple to Zalora on the site and the number of KrisFlyer Miles you earn will depend on the retailer, it works in a similar vein to a cashback website where you earn rewards for clicking through from their site. So for example if you were to shop at Courts store (Singapore) you would earn 7 KrisFlyer Miles per $S12.5 meaning the rate is 0.56 KrisFlyer Miles per Dollar.  If you add this to what you earn for credit card that could be a decent return.

Note that you do not earn any status KrisFlyer Miles for these purchases.  You don’t earn any KrisFlyer miles for the shipping and taxes.

How KrisFlyer Spree Works:

These are the published steps for how KrisFlyer Spree works:

  • Browse KrisFlyer Spree and find a merchant you’d like to purchase from. Then simply click on “Shop Now” and you’ll be linked through to the merchant’s website.

  • Shop and pay for your purchases at the merchant’s website as you normally would.

  • We’ll track your purchases automatically and calculate how many miles you’ve earned.

  • Your transaction and eligible miles will first appear as “Pending” in your KrisFlyer Spree account. If they do not appear after 5 working days, please fill up Missing Miles form.

  • Your account will be updated to show your miles as “Approved” when we have validated your purchase with the merchant. Merchants will take up to 90 days to acknowledge and approve purchases. Your purchases are subject to the merchants’ terms and conditions.

  • All “Approved” miles will be credited into your KrisFlyer account within 24 hours.

Launch Promotions for KrisFlyer Spree

It looks as though the launch includes offers for double miles with certain vendors like Apple, but again I was asked for a password to check. You can see the retailers that are offering a bonus by an exclamation mark underneath the retailer image. For those based in Singapore these are the double points promotions that are accompanying the launch, these are all per 10USD (12.5 SGD)

Apple Store – 14 – 92 – 28 – 92
Adidas Singapore – 28 – 92 – 139

There are promotions for every region so have a look through.


The Kris Spree online store also offer E-Vouchers for extra discounts on purchases, you can find those currently available under “E-Vouchers”.  At the time of writing for those in Singapore they were offering 15% off at Redmart and 10% off Luxola Items.

What’s the Difference between KrisFlyer Spree and KrisShop?

It seems as though this online shop is in addition to the KrisShop which tends to stock more Singapore Airlines specific products and is sold by them directly, whereas KrisFlyer Spree is merely a portal to other online retailers. On the plus side now that KrisShop enables you to earn KrisFlyer miles as well you can earn at either shopping portal – I wrote about KrisShop recently here.

Value Compared to a Cashback Site

For those regions where cashback sites are prominent it would seem that in general the value gained is lower than you might receive for a Quidco or Topcashback link.  This is for a couple of reasons, firstly assuming you value a KrisFlyer Mile at around the 2 cents mark (1 pence or 1.6 USD) then in the example of shopping at Debenhams a prominent UK retailer you can get 3.15% cashback at Topcashback whereas the equivalent through Kris Spree is around 0.9%.  Of course this number is variable depending on what you value a KrisFlyer Mile.

Secondly, I would consider the difference between cash and collecting KrisFlyer Miles.  As we’ve just seen with a recent devaluation of the Thai Orchid Plus frequent flyer program you are at the mercy of the airline whereas cash is cash.  Similarly your KrisFlyer Miles will only be useful if you can actually redeem them for something that you want.


For those based in other regions like the UK or US you might be better off earning through dedicated cashback sites, although some of the promotions may be tempting.  If you are in Singapore this is great news as cashback sites are no such sites currently so you’ll be able to get some rewards for your online spending, it’s just a shame the number of retailers is limited.  I would say that in general it’s always good news to have additional earning options, and remember you can double up with your earning credit card as well.