Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Partnership with PAssion TapForMore – Non-Flight Redemption

Singapore Airlines and PAssion’s TapForMore rewards programme have launched a new partnership offering earning and spending between the two programmes and the first real non-flight redemption option for Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer members.

 Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer New Partnership with PAssion TapForMore - Non-Flight Redemption

What is PAssion TapForMore? What Does the Partnership Mean?

KrisFlyer’s partnership with PAssion TapForMore enables members of both KrisFlyer and TapForMore to convert their Miles and Points between the two loyalty programmes.

Anyone who has a PAssion card can earn TapForMore rewards points at Cold Storage, Market Place, Jasons, Giant and Guardian under Dairy Farm Singapore.  The PAssion card offers earning of points but in addition to that dozens of discounts at different stores too.

The PAssion card costs $S12 for a 5 year membership which if you use just a few of the many discounts and earn the points will definitely be worth it in that time.

To be a member you can sign up using the link below as well as find out more about TapForMore,  I’ve also linked to the Singapore Airlines site for more information too:

Singapore Airlines and TapForMore Information


PAssion Card Sign-Up

Double Dip When Shopping at Participating PAssion TapForMore Stores

The one big advantage of the PAssion TapForMore rewards programme is that you can not only earn the TapForMore points but also your usual miles through your credit cards.  You earn 1 TapForMore points for every $S1 spent which can then be converted to Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Miles.  Unfortunately at the time of writing this there wasn’t any information on the conversion rate but reader CK has commented that it’s 0.43 miles per TapForMore point. I’d also expect there to be minimum transfer requirements too.

For credit cards reviews and information check out our review list (still building!):

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What’s the Value of Redeeming with PAssion TapForMore?

KrisFlyer Miles can be converted 1 KrisFlyer Mile for 1.1 TapForMore Points.  These can then be converted into cash at the rate of 150 points for $S1.  This means that your Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Miles would be worth 0.7 cents per mile – very poor value.  Generally I value KrisFlyer Miles at 2 cents per mile, and as a minimum with little effort you can get 1 cent per mile using the pay with KrisFlyer miles option – check out these two posts for details:

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A minimum of 3,000 KrisFlyer Miles is required for each conversion.  Each member can convert up to a maximum of 80,000 KrisFlyer Miles per calendar year (i.e 1st January to 31st December). Please note that all Miles converted cannot be reversed.

Conclusion and the One Circumstance I Would Convert to PAssion TapForMore Points

The only time that I would use the option to convert would be for expiring miles and when I have no option to use Pay With KrisFlyer Miles on a flight.  I suppose there will be some who also may want to convert for simplicity if they don’t want to or are able to fly too so for those this is a good development.

As Al Sn has pointed our in their comment another strategy that you could take is to convert from KrisFlyer to TapForMore and then back again a later date (noting the expiry dates of those points).  You’d of course take a double hit on the transfers but at least you could use those miles at a later date.  Have a look in the comments for the work through that they’ve left.

Again here are the links for information:

Singapore Airlines and TapForMore Information


PAssion Card Sign-Up

What do you think of the partnership or TapForMore?