Singapore Airlines First Class Review – Old First on the 777-300ER

I’m a super big fan of Formula 1 and every year I travel down to Melbourne to catch the Australian Grand Prix, and we usually give ourselves a treat and fly on miles in business.  This year round we decided to give ourselves an upgrade and fly First.  We booked the morning Singapore Airlines flight from Singapore to Melbourne on the 777-300ER in Old First.

Singapore Airlines First Class Review

Check-In For Our Flight

We were flying out of Terminal 3 and so we used the dedicated First Class check-in area that Singapore Airlines provides.  There’s not a massive difference just that it’s a quicker route through immigration and then to the lounge afterwards, but it’s definitely nice to be pampered!

The check-in was pretty efficient and we proceeded through and went to the Private Room, you can check out the review of that here:

Singapore Airlines Private Room Review

When our flight was called we went down to the gate and there she was:
Singapore Airlines First Class Review - Old First on the 777-300EROnce boarding had completed we could see the reason why we were able to book First Class for the flight – we were the only ones in First!  Amusingly, the cabin crew even suggested that we could use different seats for either a bed, a desk, and for dining if we wished.  We didn’t but I was kind of tempted!

Cabin Configuration on the Singapore Airlines 777-300ER Old First

The First Class cabin is located right at the front of the 777-300ER and features a layout of 1-2-1 the same as you’ll find in business class.  On the aircraft we flew the configuration featured a total of 8 First Class seats, but on Singapore Airlines is reducing some of its 777-300ERs down to just 4 First Class seats.  That is going to make this kind of redemption much harder in the future.

We chose the back row with the two seats in the middle (2C and 2D), although as I said we could have chosen anything!

The Old First Class Seat

For some reason I didn’t seem to take that many pictures of the seat and its features, I’m going to blame that on the early morning!  However considering the seat is a little older it does feel very spacious and comfortable as you’d expect.  The controls are pretty basic but functional.

As with business class the seat doesn’t recline flat but instead flips over to form a bed.  I didn’t bother as this was a daytime flight to Melbourne, but as with business I’d suggest asking for the turndown service as the crew are well trained and they do make it well.

There’s generous space for your small cabin baggage just in front of you – note my very glamorous bag!

Singapore Airlines First Class Seat 777-300ER

Singapore Airlines First Class Seat 777-300ERIn Flight Entertainment

The in-flight entertainment in First Class is great, it really is a large screen (23inch LCD) and unlike in Business Class it’s not be scratched by passengers and their things (I talked about this in my A380 Business Class Review recently).

The other great perk of First Class is that you’ll get a set of Bose noise cancelling headphones,  I rarely use the headphones provided on flights as they usually don’t stack up to the ones I have myself (Bose QC15s).  Personally I’d advise anyone who travels regularly in long-haul to pick up a great pair of noise cancelling headphones as It really makes a difference.

I decided to watch a few movies and started off with the new Star Wars, a great way to spend the first part of the flight –  although I wish the actual movie had been better (sorry Star Wars fans!).

Singapore Airlines First Class Review IFETo find out more about the Singapore Airlines First Class product check out their website here:

Singapore Airlines First Class

Food and Drink on Singapore Airlines First Class

Prior to take-off we were offered a choice of drinks and I opted for Krug Champagne

Singapore Airlines First Class Review ChampagneShortly after take-off we were offered some warm nuts which ended up being a little sweet for my liking.

Singapore Airlines First Class Review - NutsThe menus were distributed and the crew were aware of my choice for Book the Cook.  I decided to try out the U.S. Grilled Prime Beef Fillet which came with asparagus, shallots and mashed potato.

For the rest of the meal I opted for the Chilled Malossol Caviar, the Celeriac and Pear Cream Soup, the Salad with the Vinegar dressing and then for dessert the Belgium Chocolate mouse cake.  I also opted for the cheese course and the coffee at the end.  Here’s the full menu:

Singapore Airlines First Class Menu

Singapore Airlines First Class Review Menu

Singapore Airlines First Class Menu Lunch

Singapore Airlines First Class Menu LunchA little while later the crew set our tables, and this is the nice thing about First Class is that it does feel like a proper dinner setting, even compared to Business Class.

Singapore Airlines First Class Review Table SettingThe crew came out with a selection of breads, and I opted for the garlic bread.

Singapore Airlines First Class Review - Garlic BreadSoon after the caviar arrived which was excellent and a very nice start to the meal.

Singapore Airlines First Class ReviewOnce I’d devoured the caviar they came out with the soon, which was nice but not really my individual taste – it didn’t look like the most appetizing soup either.

My wife went for the Double Boiled Chicken soup instead and said it was excellent, so I obviously made the wrong choice!  The crew offered if I wanted the other soup but to be honest there was a lot still to come.

Singapore Airlines First Class SoupThe salad was then served which was fresh and crisp.  The walnut oil and sherry vinegar dressing was excellent and I really enjoyed the slightly healthier portion of my meal!

Singapore Airlines First Class review - MealAfter that the main meal was served which arrived extremely well presented.  The beef was very tender and overall the meal was good, but I really couldn’t finish the whole thing.  Throughout I was getting some top-ups of champagne.

Obviously I chose the angus beef from Book the Cook, but I’m curious to know what everyone chooses as their own options?

Singapore Airlines First Class Review - Main MealAfter the main the desert was served a Belgium chocolate mousse with some fresh fruit.  The desert was my favorite part of the meal and it tasted really good, it didn’t stay on my plate for long.

Singapore Airlines First Class review - DessertAfter desert I decided to skip the cheese course as I was so full I don’t think that I could have managed anything else.  The food is so good on-board that it’s worth thinking about where and when you eat during your whole experience as you have the Private Room and/or lounge to think about too.

As this was a 7 hour flight there was also a smaller meal served which was for me Warm Ciabatta Bread with Smoked Turkey and Cheese, again served with a nice crisp salad garnish.  The quality was very good and an excellent snack prior to landing.

Singapore Airlines First Class - SnackYou can find out more about the food served on First Class on Singapore Airlines here:

Dining on-board Singapore Airlines


Overall my flight was excellent and the crew were fantastic.  As I mentioned we were the only ones in First Class so I think we got more attention than usual with all of the staff helping us exclusively.

This was a flight on their old First Class seats, which are still good but not as good as the new First Class seats that we got to fly a week later on our return leg.  The review of that will be up shortly.

I’d love to know what your experiences of Singapore Airlines, and what you choose for Book the Cook!