Singapore Airlines F1 Ticket Packages Offering KrisFlyer Miles – Good Value?

Singapore Airlines is now offering F1 ticket packages that give you a small amount of KrisFlyer Miles, and the deal is worth looking at if you don’t have tickets yet.

singapore-airlines-f1_gallery03I posted about the new partnership for Singapore Airlines and the Singapore Grand Prix last year.  Then during the mid part of the year Singapore Airlines announced its F1 packages, which were cheaper than the tickets that were still on sale at the time.  Unfortunately this year they are no longer cheaper but it’s still a good deal considering you’re getting the miles.

Earn KrisFlyer Miles with Singapore Airlines F1 Promotion Packages

This week Singapore Airlines launched the 2015 series of packages offering KrisFlyer miles on F1 tickets – these prices are only available for KrisFlyer or PPS Club members.

These are the three options:

KrisFlyer F1 Tickets

All of these prices are the same as the prices on the Singapore Grand Prix website.  The addition that Singapore Airlines is offering are the KrisFlyer miles.

You’ll need to book by the 24th of August, and you’ll need to be a KrisFlyer member prior to booking.  You can sign-up here:  Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Sign-Up


If you haven’t purchased your Singapore Grand Prix ticket and are intending to then you might as well take up this offer, the miles are worth at least $S25 for the Padang Option and could be worth $S100 if used wisely.

Note that these prices are higher than those offered with the early bird tickets, so you can get them cheaper!

You can find the promotion page here: Singapore Night Race