Singapore Airlines A380 Business Class Review – SIN-PVG

I was booked on an Economy flight to Shanghai recently for work and decided to give myself a little treat as well as to try out the Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Upgrade process, but it gave me another chance to do a Singapore Airlines A380 Business Class Review.

Singapore Airlines A380 Business Class Review Window ViewCabin Configuration

Singapore Airlines has one of my favorite cabin configurations with a 1-2-1 layout meaning that everyone has aisle access.  The seats lie-flat and have high screens for privacy and you do feel in your own private area when sat in the seat.  You can find out more about the cabin product you have on the Singapore Airlines site as they do vary per aircraft:

Singapore Airlines Business Class Products

Singapore Airlines Business Class Review Cabin ConfigurationThe only downside is that compared to products on Cathay Pacific or Qatar Airways the cabin feels a little dark and a little busy/or full.  You’ll immediately notice a difference from other 1-2-1 cabins as well because the seats are aligned straight forward rather than angled as you’ll see with competing herringbone products.

The Seat on the Singapore Airlines A380 Business Class

The Singapore Airlines Business Class seat and its configuration is quite unique.  The seat doesn’t recline flat like the majority of business class seats, instead you have to flip over the seat using a holder at the back of the seat.  Some passengers struggle with this especially the first time round.  I’ll admit that generally I just get the cabin crew to do it for me as they certainly do a much better job than I do and certainly quicker!

I didn’t bother with the bed during my flight as it was only a short flight to Shanghai from Singapore.  But I did recline the seat as far as it goes and stretch out my legs.

Singapore Airlines A380 Business Class Seat

For those that have flown with other airlines in business class you’ll also notice how wide the Singapore Airlines seat actually is.  It’s so wide I usually end up using the cushions provided to stop myself sliding about.

Singapore Airlines A380 Business Class SeatI was seated in the Upper Deck cabin which is where if you pick one of the window seats, it has the added storage space at the window, I find this particularly useful for some of my larger personal items (you tend to get this on other airlines too because of the design of the A380).  There’s also some storage space located next to the TV screen for smaller items, but if you’re intending to sleep I’d avoid storing them in such an insecure space.

Singapore Airlines A380 Business Class Storage Space Singapore Airlines A380 Business Class Storage Space TVFood and Drink on Singapore Airlines A380 Business Class

As usual with Singapore Airlines there’s an extensive menu provided on board and you can of course select what you would like prior to your flight using Book the Cook, see here for details:

Singapore Airlines Book the Cook

Prior to take-off I was offered the usual options of champagne, juices and water.  I opted for some orange juice, which was neatly placed on the cup-holder next to the screen.

Singapore Airlines A380 Business Class Pre Flight DrinkPrior to take-off I was also asked what my meal preference was by the crew, this was the menu for my flight to Shanghai:

Singapore Airlines A380 Business Class Lunch MenuI opted for the Seared Lamb Loin with Red Wine Sauce, and for dessert the Raspberry Bavarois Cake.  Shortly after take-off I was served some warm nuts, and I decided to go for a glass of champagne too.

Then a few minutes after that they began to serve the Canape of Singapore Chicken and Mutton Satay:

Singapore Airlines A380 Business Class CanapeI really really love Satay and this was a disappointment,  I think I should stick to having it on Malaysia Airlines next time around as they usually deliver on it!

Once that was finished the starter came out which was Prawn Cesar Salad, which I thought they could have done a little better on the presentation:

Singapore Airlines Business Class A380I’m not a big seafood fan so I didn’t have that much I’ll admit, but I was awaiting my lamb, which when it came it didn’t disappoint and was very tender and tasty.

Singapore Airlines A380 Business Class Main MealI decided to have the desert and cheese courses too.  The desert was extremely sweet, so next time round I’d probably opt for the ice cream instead

Singapore Airlines A380 Business Class Desert Singapore Airlines A380 Business Class CheeseFinally the crew dished out a few chocolates and asked if I wanted a tea or coffee, of which there is a massive selection in the menu.  I’ll put the whole menu up on our Facebook page.

I opted for a Cappuccino, which by the way is fantastic that they serve on-board because when I asked on British Airways business a couple of weeks ago, I got a stunned look – they don’t provide it at all.

Singapore Airlines A380 Business Class Chocolates Singapore Airlines A380 Business Class CoffeeIn-Flight Entertainment

In-Flight Entertainment is obviously branded through KrisWorld.  There’s a good selection of movies from Hollywood, Bollywood and some Chinese too.  As I said earlier though the screen was a little scratched.

Singapore Airlines A380 Business Class IFEI can’t actually remember what movies I watched, but that’s generally because on flights I watch the ones I wouldn’t go to the cinema to pay for!

I don’t bother with in-flight WiFi as SQ is known to be one of the most expensive providers.

Deterioration of the Singapore Airlines Business Class Product?

Unfortunately the cabins on some of the Singapore Airlines A380s are getting towards 10 years old as they were launched in late 2017.  So they are starting to show signs of wear and tear, and the design having the TV screen so close to the seat access means that over the years it’s been scratched by passengers getting in and out.

I could also see that a couple of the panels around the seat were also loose, revealing things behind I don’t really want to see!

Singapore Airlines A380 Business Class Fittings Singapore Airlines A380 Business Class Fittings

Overall Thoughts on Singapore Airlines A380 Business Class

Overall this is a great business class product and I hope that the future refits won’t remove all of the great features that are offered.  I do think though that some of the aircraft need a little more attention in cabins as there is definitely some deterioration going on.

What do you think of the Singapore Airlines A380 Business Class product?