SIN Credit Card Reviews

This lists out all of the Singapore Credit Card Reviews that we’ve completed that earn Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Miles.

I’d also like to highlight two other resources:

American Express (Amex)







Standard Chartered


3 thoughts on “SIN Credit Card Reviews

  1. thanks for this blog … very useful for us Singaporeans since most such blogs are US-focused. one glaring omission in your credit card list is DBS cards. i love my DBS amex and visa cards because the points add up quickly and can be transferred to KF miles for free, usually within a few hours. it would be good to see how DBS cards stack up against the ones you’ve listed …

  2. I’m not sure if this is best place to share a query that I have…
    Is there a way to pay our monthly house rent by credit cards? Most of the landlords in Singapore are individuals and wold not have a credit card swiping machine. If somehow this is possible, it would be an excellent opportunity to earn thousands of miles / rewards every month.
    I searched on the internet quite a bit but could not really find anything useful. However I came across these websites that offer something in the US:, and a few more.

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