$S2M Door, BA Avios Changes, Star Wars and the Best Use of Qantas Points – News Roundup

Every now and then I like to share with you some news from other sites.  There are loads of other great sites out there, although not relevant a lot of the time, sometimes there are things that will affect travellers here.

 ANA 787-9 E-2

British Airways

BA has lots of changes coming in on the 28th of April, and if you’re a BA Executive Club member you’d be wise to have a look at what they are.  Thankfully Raffles over at HeadforPoints has done a great summary:

Quick summary of the April 28th Avios changes

There was another very interesting piece on HeadforPoints last week about the special door that BA pays $S2M each year to retain.  This door enables First Class passengers to skip the maze of escalators, stores and other passengers to get to the lounge.  You can check out why they do this here:

Why BA agreed to pay £1m every year to build a door in T5 and why they are paying for another one

ANA – Star Wars?

ANA had a publicity stunt last week with a video posted on YouTube with their 787 painted in a Star Wars R2D2 livery.  What do you think of it?

The Best Use of Qantas Points

One of the better blogs for those based in Singapore and Malaysia is PointHacks run by Keith.  Although based in Australia from time to time he covers things that are useful for us too.  Although I’ve flown with Qantas quite a bit in the past I don’t know the programme too well, but one of the basic things is what are the best use of points.  It’s an interesting guide for us as he really isn’t complimentary about the availability of award space on their programme, here it is:

What are the best uses of Qantas Points?

Malaysia Airlines – Royal Kitchen

Check out the new meals that Malaysia Airlines are launching with Her Royal Highness. available on flights from Kuala Lumpur to United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia.  Food is definitely one of the best features of Malaysia Airlines and I’m hoping it makes it even better!  All the details are on the MAS website:

Malaysia Airlines – Royal Kitchen

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