Review of the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Singapore – Trip Report

Guest Post by Travelette – I had the opportunity to have a staycation at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel in Singapore and I thought it might be good to share about it in this blog in the form of a review.  The Grand Copthorne Waterfront is included under the Millennium Hotels and Resorts group which includes: Millennium Hotels, Grand Millennium Hotels, Copthorne Hotels, Kingsgate Hotels and other brands. The 30 storey hotel in Singapore is located in Havelock Road, alongside the Singapore River.



Upon reaching the hotel on the first evening, I made my way to the Reception area to check in – this is located on the ground floor, the same floor one enters the hotel. It is interesting that whilst the hotel looks grand and exquisite from outside, the reception area in the hotel is pretty small.



There were about 3 staff at the Reception area and the hotel did not look busy. Despite the fact that the hotel did not look busy and I was the  only one checking in at that point  in time, the service was rather slow. The staff took a pretty long time to get the details sorted, and kept apologising for making me wait. Eventually I was given my keys to the room  on the 18th floor and directed to the lifts. I then noticed there was no waiting area around the Reception. I queried on that and the staff looked a little not sure and commented that guests could perhaps wait on the 5th floor where there is a waiting area. Interesting, again. I made my way to the lifts and had my card slotted in to get to the floor. The card did not work, and I made my way back to the Reception. The staff apologised and admitted that she forgot to scan the key cards for access!  A little disturbed, I forgot about it later and went up to my room on the 18th floor. As I made my way to the room which was the last room at the end of the corridor, I walked past a number of men doing works on a couple of rooms. It seemed like they were fixing a number of things. I was then approached by one of them who wanted to do some works in my room as well – it sounded like they needed to switch the beds and fix a thing or two. It was distracting and certainly not the kind of peace and quiet I was looking for. I made another trip back to the Reception counter and had my room switched to one on the 16th floor. It took quite a bit to convince the staff as he was saying that a number of floors had works going on!

Finally, I was given the room on the 16th floor and it was quiet and peaceful. There were a few of us staying in the room, and we had a King double bed plus an additional single rollaway bed in the room. Whilst the room was not massively spacious, the toilet was clean, had a bath and a separate shower, and the room was cosy, with a television set and a dressing table. My friends joined me a little later and we settled down pretty quickly. The room overlooked the Singapore River and you could see the walkway leading to Robertson Quay.  We decided to check out the walk that evening, however it poured like crazy. We settled for a cab ride to get to the dinner destination – City Hall.

I didn’t specifically check any room tips but it might be worthwhile checking out other reviews on TripAdvisor.


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On the second day we decided to check out the hotel a little more. The outdoor swimming pool was located on the 6th floor, along with the Gym and Fitness Centre as well. The pool area was pretty small and had a number of sun beds. We were informed there were tennis courts within the premises as well.  There is also a Waterfront Conference Center within the hotel which has some 34 meeting rooms.


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Breakfast which is from 630am-1030am, is held at Café Brios -which is located at the lobby of the hotel. We made it for breakfast at about 9am, and it was pretty busy. The café showcased cuisine which had both International and Asian flair. For those who would like to have breakfast at the hotel, but are not guests, the charge per person for either a Continental breakfast or American breakfast ranges from SGD 25-30. Other dining areas in the hotel include the Grand Shanghai (Chinese cuisine)and Pontini (Italian cuisine).


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As the weather was good that morning, we decided to walk along the Singapore River, and make our way to Clarke Quay. We passed by many bistros and cafes along the river, which looked really good for a chill out brunch. Imagine, having a cuppa, couple of croissants, a book, some chilled out music and looking out to the Singapore River – which okay, was not in its best form that day- but you get the idea :). As we walked we passed Robertson Quay, except for a couple of restaurants which were open and served either breakfast or brunch, the place was quiet. One could see bumboats taking a quiet ride along the river. Families were seen in the couple of restaurants that were open, and kids were playing, and dogs were having a good time too. We continued our walk, and walked past Clarque Quay to get to Central Mall. Here we took the MRT (Clarque Quay station) to our next destination- orchard for some good lunch and shopping :). The entire walk, which of course included a couple of breaks for photos, took about 20 minutes or so. We repeated the walk back to the hotel that afternoon, prior to heading out for dinner.

We had the chance to check out the Piano Bar in the hotel located at the lobby next to Café Brios, that night. The bar remains open till 1am. However, it seemed a little hidden by Café Brios. The service at the Piano Bar however was appalling!. We had ordered for a chocolate fudge cake. What came back to us , after half an hour of wait, seemed like vanilla ice cream and a chocolate cookie- okay, slightly bigger than a usual cookie. We queried if it was indeed our order, and the staff looked lost. He even mentioned that this was indeed our Apple Tart. Apple tart?? We decided to go ahead with the dessert and not make too much fuss- it did not seem like it would work anyway.

On the third day- it was our last day in the hotel. Prior to checkout, and following breakfast- we decided to check out J’s Salon- located on the third floor. The salon was very spacious, and we then discovered it also included other services like facials and manicures and pedicures. Awesome. We had our hair done and the service was moderate. For one who would like to wash and blow their hair- the price could range from SGD 48 to SGD 68, depending on the hair length.

We finally checked out at 1pm – our stay had allowed for a late check out at 3pm , without request from us.

Overall, I would say this is not a hotel I would recommend to someone who is coming to enjoy their stay in Singapore- unless price is a factor. The rooms were priced at about SGD 250. Locationwise, it is pretty serene and a walk along the river or going in a boat could be attractive. The walk to the nearest train station however could take between 10-20 minutes.

I am glad I had the chance to experience this hotel, but I am not sure if I would have another stay here 🙂

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