Review of Our Stay at the Sanyas Suite Bali – Trip Report

We booked a 3 night 4 day stay at the Sanyas Suite Bali over the Chinese New Year period here is our review and trip report.

Pre-Arrival requests:

We had two requests pre-arrival.  The first was a simple airport pickup, this was well arranged and pretty slick when we arrived into Bali.  Secondly I had requested a birthday cake for my partner, which was arranged and not charged which was a nice surprise!  One of the reservation staff Enik helped us with these requests and it was great to meet her at the villa later during our stay. Other reviewers on TripAdvisor have had similar thoughts on the staff at the Sanyas Suite Bali too.


We arrived at The Sanyas Suite in Seminyak, somewhat around 7ish in the evening. The reception area for checking in, was structured to look like a mini villa. We were warmly welcomed by one of the lady staffs – who had a lovely smile. Whilst the checking in was hardly a hassle, and our luggage were being taken care of by the other staff- we noted something interesting. Our credit cards were not asked for verification at all. Not quite the usual practise in some of the other hotels or villas we have stayed in.

The Outside Areas of the Sanyas Suite Villa:

We were soon brought to our villa – which was quite a good distance away from the main road and seemed all quiet and good, till we spotted a construction site overlooking the villa! We could also hear the workers working away! That was not something we wanted during our stay in the villa. It was a shame though as the villa was spacious, had a big pool and seemed almost perfect. We voiced our concerns to the staff and after a short check, we were brought to another villa on the other end. This was also relatively distanced from the main road. Whilst we could still somewhat see the construction site from this villa, the workers seemed further away and it was definitely quieter.

Each of the villas had a little cottage or a little terrace house concept. The front of the villa had a wooden door with a padlock, and there were pretty stone statues placed next to the door. These seemed to depict Balinese dancers in the different positions. The front door opened to a short pathway in the villa, by the side of the pool. There were several plants which also lined the pathway. This then led to the main living room of the villa which was set to face the pool. Once again, there were some interesting Balinese statues here, as well as some Indonesian paintings. A small kitchen area was adjoined to the living room. The place already had a very ethnic feel.

The Statues:


The Pool Area looking towards the Living/Dining Area:


The Pool Area looking towards the Front Door/Entrance:


Some of the Statues in the Living Area:

IMG_2713 IMG_2712Inside the Sanyas Suite Villa

As we entered the villa, there were 3 main sections – the bedroom with the television and the study table, the area to change which also housed the wardrobe, and finally the bath area. We were slightly disappointed with the television in the room though as the connection wasn’t fantastic. But the bed was comfortable to sleep in and the room was airy with windows either side, one which only looks out onto the villa wall and the other towards the pool.  Both sets of windows include sliding doors so they can be opened up to the pool or help provide for a breeze into the Villa.  The Villa came with a safe, air conditioning, the usual amenities as well as an area to sit in the bedroom.  The bedroom also had a wonderful traditional design inside, check out the pictures below.

Dressing Area (also where I dumped my luggage!):




The TV, Safe as well as a seating area – note that windows are on both sides of the room:




The Sanays Suite Villa comes with a Four Poster Bed:




The Ceiling Design:




The most interesting section to us was the bath area. Here, it was entirely open! The toilet, the bath, and the shower were not in enclosed areas! The bath had a romantic feel to it, and had the essential bath soaps and gels placed appropriately. The shower was situated literally outside the villa. We had to step out of the bath section, take a mini path to the shower and have our shower amidst the plants. I had thought it was pretty nice as it seemed to have a waterfall effect, as the water came out from a hole at the top area, unlike the usual rain showers.





The Breakfast:

We stayed at the villa for 3 days and 3 nights. Each night, we would have to inform the reception area on our selection from the choices provided for breakfast, and this would be brought to our villa at the stipulated time the next morning. The service was commendable, as the staff had been punctual all 3 days. Two to three members of the staff arrived at the villa in the mornings, rang the doorbell and happily greeted us. They then proceeded to prepare the breakfast for us, including laying out the table. The choices we had made for breakfast- omelette, bread basket, pancakes and watermelon juice, had all turned out very good.

DSC01543 DSC01542

IMG_2709 IMG_2708


Couples Massage:

On our 2nd morning at the villa, my partner had arranged for a couple Balinese massage. Two ladies arrived at the villa, washed our feet, and proceeded with the massage for both of us. Being one who loves massages, I have to admit the massage we had would probably rate a 6 or 7 out of a ten. One of the ladies had slightly long fingernails and these were annoying throughout the massage.

Other Facilities:

For those who may want to spend sometime within the premises, but not necessarily in their villas, the Sanyas Suite had a restaurant as well. It was a 2 storey area and one could also chill out here with drinks. My personal advice would be: avoid the mojitos here!  Although we didn’t try any of the food at the restaurant it’s made in the same kitchen as the breakfast and in-villa dining so I wouldn’t have a problem with having it.


Sanyas Suite is located in Seminyak, but not in the centre of town, and a good walk from Seminyak square where all the restaurants, shops and bars are located.  It was a 5-10 minute drive, and a taxi was easily available every time we asked at reception.





Overall, the stay at the Sanyas Suite was good, chilled out and we met some good staff who made the stay more pleasant.  We would stay here again in the future.