Redeem KrisFlyer Miles for Scoot and Tigerair Flights – Worth it?

It is possible to redeem KrisFlyer Miles for Scoot and Tigerair Flights, but is it one of the better or worse redemption options?  We check it out.

KrisFlyer Miles for ScootI originally posted about the launch of earning and redeeming Scoot and Tigerair on Singapore Airlines when it was announced and we now know the redemption rates.  You can check out the announcement post below, and for the information on redemptions I’ve also included the Singapore Airlines link:

Scoot and Tigerair to be KrisFlyer Earning and Redemption Options with Singapore Airlines

Using KrisFlyer Miles on Scoot and Tigerair Partners

Is It Worth Redeeming KrisFlyer Miles for Scoot or Tigerair Flights?

Singapore Airlines chose a voucher redemption method rather than using award charts like the rest of its partners.  The advantage of this is that you don’t need to worry about award availability, so its much more straightforward and good for those that want to avoid hassle.

You can redeem at the following rates:

Voucher value Miles required to redeem
$30 SGD 3,200
$50 SGD 5,300
$100 SGD 10,500

The value for the redemptions vary and you get slightly more as the value of the voucher increases:

$30 = 0.93 cents per Mile

$50 = 0.94 cents per Mile

$100 = 0.95 cents per Mile

Compared to other redemption options the value is very poor.  You can easily get redemptions at around the 2 cents per mile mark and even without any effort you can redeem directly for Singapore Airlines or Silk Air flights for 1 cent per mile using Pay With KrisFlyer Miles option.

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How to Redeem Your KrisFlyer Miles on Scoot and Tigerair

1. Login into you KrisFlyer Account

You can login via this link: Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer

2. Select Voucher Redemption

This is found through “My Miles” in your account:

Voucher Redemption

You have to select either Scoot or Tigerair, the vouchers are not able to be used interchangeably so make sure you select the correct one.  You can select for a redemption nominee it seems as well.

Partner SelectionYou can then select the quantity of vouchers you want to redeem. You can only redeem up to the total number of miles you currently have there doesn’t seem to be an option for top-up.

Voucher ChoiceStep 3 – Utilize the voucher from the email confirmation on either Scoot or Tigerair.

Note that the vouchers are valid for 180 days.  You can review all of terms and conditions here:

Scoot and Tigerair KrisFlyer Redemption Terms and Conditions

What do you think of this new option?