Redeeming Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Miles – A Beginners Guide

This is a beginners guide to redeeming Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Miles.  Essentially there are 3 ways in which you can use your KrisFlyer Miles for a redemption (1) Redeem for Flight Awards (2)  Redeem for Flight Upgrades and (3) Mix Miles and Cash – otherwise known as Pay with KrisFlyer Miles.

SIA A380(1) Redeem Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Miles for Award Flights

The first thing that you need to understand is how KrisFlyer Miles are priced. Singapore Airlines uses a zoned based system from zones 1 (Singapore) to zone 15 (Sao Paulo) for pricing its awards. Some zones have multiple countries within them, but are priced the same as the rest in that zone, for example both Malaysia and Indonesia destinations are all in Zone 2.  This is formed in a grid and cross referencing the zone you are flying from and to as well as the class of travel will give you the relevant cost in KrisFlyer Miles.
  • For example a flight from London is Zones 1 to 12 and costs a minimum of 35,000 (Economy), 80,000 (Business) or 107,500 (First/Suites).
In addition Singapore Airlines has three types of flight award – Saver, Standard and Full across its four classes (Economy, Business, First, Suites) for both outright awards and for upgrades. The price in KrisFlyer Miles increases as you go from Saver Awards to First/Suites Awards to reflect the rarity of Saver Awards and the improved flexibility of the Full Award.
  • Using the London Example – Economy Saver 35,000, Standard 70,000 and Full is 95,000.
Note – all of these examples and the award charts are just One-Way – so return is double.

This is the full list of Award charts:

You can find more information about flight awards on Singapore Airlines and its partners here

Taxes, Fees and Surcharges

Even when booking a Flight Award with KrisFlyer Miles you’ll be paying the taxes, fees and surcharges. These vary from country to country, but as an example Singapore to London return in economy would be $S793.


15% Discount for Flight Awards Booked through Singapore Airlines Website

KrisFlyer members receive a 15% discount when redeeming awards through the KrisFlyer website. This of course increases the value of your KrisFlyer miles and should be used wherever possible. If for some reason you have an issue booking through the website and have to use the call centre, you must ask for the 15% to be applied, stating your reasons as to why – the call centre staff will usually apply it.

  • So in the London Example a one-way Economy Saver redemption if booked online would actually cost 29,750 instead of 35,000.

(2) Using KrisFlyer Miles for Upgrades

You can also use your KrisFlyer Miles for upgrades on Singapore Airlines, Silk Air, and Star Alliance.  Redeeming for upgrades on Singapore Airlines will generally give you the best value per KrisFlyer Mile – not to mention the best feel!  Upgrade Awards are again based on a zone system from zones 1 to 15, with the cost increasing as the distance increases.  Upgrade Awards are also subject to Saver, Standard and Full awards meaning that you’ll get better value for money booking Saver Awards compared to Full Awards.

Important Notes on Upgrades

  • You can only upgrades flexible fares (S, Y, B or E classes) on Singapore Airline and Silk Air flights.  Star Alliance partners have varying rules see here.
  • Codeshares are not eligible for upgrades, even when marketed by Singapore Airlines
  • Additional fees and charges will be added on for Upgrade Awards – for example tax increase due to changing from Economy to business Class.
You can find more information about flight upgrade awards on Singapore Airlines and its partners here


(3) Pay with KrisFlyer Miles

The final option for redeeming KrisFlyer Miles is to Mix cash and Miles using their Pay with KrisFlyer Miles option.  This essentially turns your miles into cash and they can be used to part or fully pay for a ticket.  This can mean that you can get a flight effectively for free whereas using KrisFlyer miles for award of upgrade awards you have to pay in part a portion of cash.
Each KrisFlyer mile is worth 1 cent using this method, generally worse value than compared with flight or upgrade awards – see why here.  However this is the simplest route for redeeming your miles.


Which Airlines Can You Redeem Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Miles on?

You can use your KrisFlyer Miles on any Singapore Airlines and Silk Air flight s long as it is not a codeshare flight (unless with a partner airline).  You can also use your KrisFlyer Miles on all of the Star Alliance members as well as selected partner airlines.