Redeeming Malaysia Airlines Enrich Miles – A Beginners Guide

This is a beginners guide to redeeming Malaysia Airlines Enrich Miles. Essentially there are 3 ways in which you can use your Enrich Miles for a redemption (1) Redeem for Flight Awards (2) Redeem for Flight Upgrades and (3) Redeem for Companion Awards (4) Mix Cash and Miles and (5) Non-Flight Redemptions.

Redeem Malaysia Airlines Enrich Miles(1) Redeem Malaysia Airlines Enrich Miles for Award Flights

The first thing that you need to understand is how Enrich Awards are priced. Malaysia Airlines uses a distance zoned based system from zones 1 0-500 Miles (Malaysian Peninsular) to zone 6 7,201 – 20,000 Miles (Los Angeles) for pricing its awards. Some zones have multiple countries within them, but are priced the same as the rest in that zone, for example both Borneo and Java destinations are all in Zone 2 (501-1200 Miles).

  • For example a flight from London is Zones 1 to 5 and costs a minimum of 30,000 (Economy), 55,000 (Business) or 160,000 (First) – One Way

In addition Malaysia Airlines has three types of flight award – Basic, Smart and Flex across Economy and Business Class, with just Smart and Flex available for First. The price in Enrich Miles increases as you go from Basic Awards to Flex Awards to reflect the rarity of Basic Awards and the improved flexibility of the Flex Award.

  • Using the London Example – Economy Basic 30,000, Smart 45,000 and Flex is 60,000.

Note – all of these examples are just One-Way – so return is double.

This is the Award chart for Malaysia Airlines Redemptions

15% Discount for Online Awards on Malaysia Airlines

Enrich members receive a 15% discount when redeeming awards through the Enrich website. This of course increases the value of your Enrich miles and should be used wherever possible. If for some reason you have an issue booking through the website and have to use the call centre, you must ask for the 15% to be applied.

  • So in the London Example a one-way Basic redemption if booked online would actually cost 25,500 instead of 30,000

Using Enrich Miles for Oneworld and Enrich Partners

You can also purchase awards on Oneworld airlines and Enrich partner airlines, which opens up your options in terms of flights and routes. The cost for a redemption for an award flight is standardized for Oneworld and Partner airlines which makes it easy to understand.  Malaysia Airlines uses the same zone based system (but no Basic, Smart or Flex), and in all cases it is more expensive in terms of Enrich Miles to book a Oneworld or Partner airline redemption.  See the example below:

  • On our London example which cost as little as 30,000 in Economy with a Basic Award on Malaysia Airlines, the cheapest Oneworld cost is 72,000.

If Malaysia Airlines flies the route we really recommend using your Enrich Miles with them instead of a Oneworld or Partner airline.  In addition unlike using your Enrich miles for Malaysia Airlines flights you’ll have to call to make a redemption which is a definite downside.

Here is the Award chart for Redeeming with Oneworld and Enrich Partners

Multi-Carrier Booking are Different When Redeeming

The final option for full flight awards is a Multi-Carrier booking which means that you would be flying on two or more Oneworld carriers (other partner airlines are excluded). Strangely Malaysia Airlines changes its own zone based system for these types of awards which means its harder to read across and compare but lets look at the example of a Kuala Lumpur to London example again:

  • Basic Award on Malaysia Airlines cost 30,000 in Economy
  • A single Oneworld or partner airline the cost is 72,000
  • For our Multi-Oneworld carrier award booking you would pay 60,000

So you are better off booking a multi-carrier booking as for the same distance you are getting better value for your Enrich Miles as long as there is no availability for a award flight on Malaysia Airlines.

Here is the Award chart for Redeeming for Multi-Carrier bookings

Redeem for MASWings and Firefly

Finally you can redeem on MASWings and Firefly.  They both have their own redemption costs in Enrich Miles.  MASWings follows the same logic in terms of the distance based zone system, but Firefly uses a booking class system with the flexible fares costing increasing amounts.

Here are all the redemption charts and more information:

Taxes and Fees on All Award Flights

Even when booking a Flight Award with Enrich Miles you’ll be paying the taxes, fees and surcharges. These vary from country to country, but as an example Kuala to London return in economy would be MYR 2,014.00.

(2) Using Enrich Miles for Upgrades

You can also use your Enrich Miles for upgrades on Malaysia Airlines. Redeeming for upgrades on Malaysia Airlines will generally give you the best value per Enrich Mile – not to mention the best feel!  You can upgrade from Economy to Business OR Business to First, you cannot upgrade two classes.  The cost increases as the distance increases just like the cost for full award flight, but there’s no complicated Basic/Smart/Flex. structure.

  • In our Kuala Lumpur to London example an upgrade award from economy to business would cost 35,000 and business to first 45,000 – for comparison a full business award (Basic) would cost 55,000.

There is only one set price, but you need to buy flexible tickets types in order to qualify for an upgrade (so no cheap promotion tickets).

The biggest benefit of this is that you’ll earn Enrich Miles for the class of travel that you originally booked, which again makes this great value!

Here is the Upgrade chart for Malaysia Airlines

Important Notes on Upgrades

  • You can only upgrade Malaysia Airlines Operated and Marketed flights
  • Codeshares are not eligible for upgrades, even when marketed by Malaysia Airlines
  • Additional fees and charges will be added on for Upgrade Awards – for example tax increase due to changing from Economy to business Class.

You can find the terms and conditions about flight upgrade awards on Malaysia Airlines here.

(3) Redeem for Companion Awards

A Companion Award allows you to redeem fewer miles than normally required for a Business or First Class Award for your companion travelling on the same itinerary as you. Before requesting for a Companion Award, you must first purchase a Business or First Class revenue seat.  This is only available on Malaysia Airlines and when you fly on exactly the same flights (outbound only, return can be separate).  The price in Enrich Miles is again based on the zones.

  • So on our Kuala Lumpur London Example, assuming one person books a revenue seat (on Malaysia Airlines), then the companion price would be 44,000 for a business class seat which is 11,000 lower than that of a full award booking.

It could be a good strategy to use this if you tend to travel as a couple as you’ll offset the spend with the earning on the ticket that’s been purchased – for business to London you would earn nearly 10,000 (excluding tier bonuses) so the actual cost would only be the cost of an economy seat.

Important Notes on Companion Awards

  • You’ll earn Enrich Miles for the revenue ticket
  • Only available for Business class and First class
  • Only one companion ticket for each revenue ticket
  • Promotional fares are excluded

Here is the Companion Awards Chart

For all the Terms and Conditions check here

(4) Mix Cash and Miles

A recent option added in October was the ability to mix Cash and Miles. This essentially turns your miles into cash and they can be used to part or fully pay for a ticket from a minimum of 1,00 Enrich Miles.  You don’t earn any Enrich Miles for the cash part of the booking, and there are extra restrictions on the flight booking itself.

It’s difficult to work out what the cost would be for these as it’s priced dynamically meaning that the price displayed in terms of Cash and Miles will change depending on availability and flight demand.

(5) Non-Flight Redemptions

The final and last option for redeeming your is a non-flight redemption.  You have a couple of Malaysia Airlines related options as you can see below.  Generally I don’t think that these are good value redemptions, but I’ll be posting on these in the future.

Enrich Non Flight Redemption

Here is the link to non-flight redemptions, and you can make all of these through the Enrich website.