Redeem Malaysia Airlines Enrich Miles for Non-Flight Redemptions – Worth it?

Most Malaysia Airlines flyers will be aiming to redeem their Enrich Miles for flights, but you can also redeem for Non-Flight redemptions as well – we take a look at whether these options are worth it.

Golden Lounge

You can use Malaysia Airlines Enrich Miles in 4 ways that are non-flight redemptions; Vouchers, Lounge Access, MH Flight Simulator Experience and for Hotels occasionally.

Generally these aren’t good options for redemptions when compared to using them for flight options, especially for redemptions in Business Class, First class and for upgrades.

(1) Using Enrich Miles for Enrich Vouchers.

Your first option is to use your Enrich Miles is for Enrich Vouchers.  These can either be usedto pay towards excess baggage or for Temptations inflight shopping.

For each RM50 voucher you’ll pay 3,500 Enrich Miles valuing each mile at RM0.014.

You can find out more about using Enrich Miles for Enrich Vouchers here and I’ve recently covered the return of in-flight Temptations shopping:

Using Enrich Miles for Enrich Vouchers 

Malaysia Airlines Relaunches Temptations New Earning and Redemption Options

(2) Using Enrich Miles for E-Golden Lounge Access Vouchers

You can also use your Enrich Miles for E-Golden Lounge access vouchers, or basically a pass for using the Malaysia Airlines Lounges.  This is the breakdown of costs of these vouchers:

  • London – 15,000 Enrich Miles
  • Melbourne, Perth – 12,000 Enrich Miles
  • Singapore – 10,000 Enrich Miles
  • Kuala Lumpur (satellite/regional) – 8,000 Enrich Miles
  • Kuala Lumpur – 5,000 Enrich Miles (strangely the terms state they can be used at other domestic terminals too).

I did a post a while back on what a Enrich Mile is worth and the minimum value that I would redeem my Enrich Miles would be for between the RM0.02 and 0.04 mark (excluding short-haul economy).

This means that the lounges are costing between RM100 (for domestic) and RM300 (for London) for access which is extremely expensive when compared with paid access lounges from company’s like Priority Pass.  You could also get paid access for free with certain credit cards.

You can find out all the details here as well as the restriction (which there are many) here:

E-Golden Lounge Access Vouchers details and restrictions

(3) Using Enrich Miles for MH Flight Simulator Experience

One of the more interesting options is to redeem your Enrich Miles for a MH flight simulator experience.  For a 30 Minute session you’ll pay 30,000 Enrich Miles.

 The purchase price of RM750 (pro-rata) means that your Enrich Miles would be worth RM 0.025 which actually is a much better redemption than either the lounge access or the vouchers.  It’s also on par with short-haul business class and long-haul economy class redemptions for flights.

Seeing as you are also getting an experience out of this then it’s probably the best of the three non-flight redemption options here.  However I also advise you to check out the post on using small amounts and expiring Enrich Miles for some other ideas, as well as check out the details of the MH Flight Simulator Experience.

You can find the cost and booking details for the MH Flight Simulator Experience here.

(4) Using Enrich Miles for Hotel Redemptions

Malaysia Airlines Enrich does on occasion release options to redeem Enrich Miles for hotels, at the time of writing there were none available but check back in case!


Personally I wouldn’t use these options unless i was feeling a little geeky and wanted to try out the flight simulator!  You can get much better value form flight redemptions, check out this post for details:

What is an Enrich Mile Worth