What’s the value when you Redeem KrisFlyer Miles on Krisshop?

Singapore Airlines recently announced that you can now Redeem KrisFlyer Miles on Krisshop purchases.  But what’s the real value of you hard earned miles if you redeem them with Krisshop?

Redeem KrisFlyer Miles on Krisshop

This comes after  they announced that you can earn KrisFlyer Miles on Krisshop purhcases, which we posted about some time ago:

Earn KrisFlyer Miles on Krisshop Purchases

Don’t forget that if you’re going through Changi Airport you can also earn KrisFlyer Miles for your airport purchase through the Changi Rewards Programme:

Convert Changi Rewards Points to Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Miles – Is it Worth It?

Earn More Miles with Changi Rewards and iShopChangi

Firstly the good news is that this offers KrisFlyer members a third non-flight redemption offer beyond converting to Passion Card TapForMore and a conversion to Virgin Australia Velocity (which also has its own store).  Conversion to TapForMore is only available for Singapore based members and conversions to Velocity are subject to a 35% penalty and Velocity is only available for Oceania members too.  There is sometimes another option to redeem miles for hotels, but this comes and goes.

So being able to redeem miles through Krisshop is a really good development and puts KrisFlyer in line with many other frequent flyer programs.

What’s the Value When you Redeem KrisFlyer Miles on Krisshop?

Unfortunately Singapore Airlines has made the redemption value very poor.   For every 125 KrisFlyer Miles (subject to the minimum 3,000) you’ll get $S1 of value making the value exactly 0.8 cents per mile, which makes it slightly better than conversion to TapForMore which is 0.7 cents per mile (see here for more details).

When It’s Worth Redeeming with Krisshop

If you have any potential flights with Singapore Airlines then you are better off using the Pay With KrisFlyer Miles option as that offers a fixed rate of 1 cent per mile, 0.2 cents above the value of redeeming with Krisshop.  If you have a balance to redeem for nearly any Economy/Business or First Class flights then you’re most likely going to get 2 or more cents per KrisFlyer mile – far higher.

The main value for me is going to be in the following instances:

  • You don’t intend to make any future flight bookings with Singapore Airlines (i.e. you wouldn’t be able to utilize Pay With KrisFlyer Miles)
  • When you have KrisFlyer Miles expiring
  • You want an easy way to use your KrisFlyer Miles – especially if you have orphan miles

How to Redeem KrisFlyer Miles on Krisshop

Redemptions at Krisshop have a minimum spend of 3,000 KrisFlyer Miles which equates to a minimum price of $24 which would could get you this Innisfree Canola Honey Lip Balm Set! (first thing I could find at 3,000 MIles!):

Redeem Miles on Krisshop

To redeem all you need to do is the following:

  • Log in to your KrisFlyer account on www.KrisShop.com
  • Select your desired products and add them to your shopping cart
  • Choose to pay with KrisFlyer miles in full or mix miles and cash at Checkout

What do you think of this option to redeem miles at Krisshop?