Redeem Enrich Miles for Lounge Access – Worth it?

Although I will very rarely use them I’m a fan of non-flight redemptions of frequent flyer miles and one of the options is to redeem Enrich Miles for Lounge Access – but is it worth it?

Redeem Enrich Miles for Lounge Access

About Golden Lounge Enrich Mile Redemptions

You can redeem your Enrich Miles at the following Golden Lounges in the Malaysia Airlines network for the following amount of Enrich Miles


  • London – 15,000 Enrich Miles
  • Melbourne – 12,000 Enrich Miles
  • Kuala Lumpur (Satellite and Regional) – 8,000 Enrich Miles


  • Kuala Lumpur – 5,000 Enrich Miles
  • Kota Kinabalu – 5,000 Enrich Miles
  • Penang – 5,000 enrich Miles
  • Kuching – 5,000 Enrich Miles

Any redemptions that you make are only for the lounge that you select and can’t be transferred or used in another other lounges other than the Malaysia Airlines ones at the above locations.  You can find more about the terms and conditions and how to redeem on the Malaysia Airlines website:

Redeem Enrich Miles for Lounge Access Vouchers

Redeem Enrich Miles for Lounge Access –  Good Value?

It’s tough to value these Golden Lounge access vouchers as you can’t outright by lounge access with Malaysia Airlines – although you’ll have seen the news recently that you can now with Qatar Airways and Emirates.  There are however other lounges in the airport that you purchase access to.  For example in Kuala Lumpur the Plaza Premium lounge would cost you $40.75 USD or 175 MYR.  In London Heathrow Terminal 4 the Skyteam Lounge would set you back 30 GBP or 166 MYR.

That would value these Enrich Miles at between 2.2 and 1.1 Sen which is a really poor redemption compared to the new revenue based option which would yield 7.7 Sen per Enrich Mile.
Which I’ll be posting about next week.

When Would it be Useful to Redeem Enrich Miles for Golden Lounge Access?

Although the value seems to be pretty poor there are a few circumstances where it might be worth using your Enrich Miles for lounge access:

  • To grant lounge access to additional friends or family without status (as you can’t pay with cash to the Golden Lounges)
  • When Miles are expiring and you don’t currently have access by other means

Interestingly there is nothing in the terms and conditions about giving the voucher to another flyer.  I haven’t redeemed for a lounge voucher before so I don’t know if they come with your Enrich account number or not – if it does which I suspect it would then obviously you won’t be able to gift it to someone.

Final note – until the 15th August this year (2017) a few of the lounges are being refurbished – more details via the link below but please check before you redeem:

Upgrading works at Malaysia Airlines Regional and Domestic Golden Lounges at Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Have you ever redeemed your Enrich Miles for Golden Lounge Access?