PointsPay with Etihad Guest

How does it feel to fly with the best ?

I recently signed up for a credit card offer with Eithad Airways and received around 20,000 Miles.  Now I don’t regularly fly Etihad Airways, nor do I have many options for redeeming miles with them based in Singapore, so I was wondering what to do with the Miles that I had earned.  My original plan like I had with my orphan Miles and More miles was to use them for a hotel stay but the amount I had was nowhere near enough for the Etihad Guest partners.

Whilst browsing through the redemption options I came across points pay where I could convert the miles into “virtual cash”.  I had some Christmas shopping to do so why not?

What is PointsPay?

It’s basically a conversion service to convert you miles to cash.  PointsPay is a redemption partner for Etihad Guest, and offers a different option for those wishing to redeem.  Currently Etihad Guest is the only partner – although the website mentions more will be added in 2013.

How does it work?

Basically all I had to do was sign-up, and install the PointsPay app on my iPhone (also available for Android).  Once I’d done that I had to then link my Etihad Guest account, the instructions re straightforward – it took a day for the registration to complete.

Complete instructions (although brief) can be found here: http://www.pointspay.com/how-it-works/overview

You are able to select from a number of currencies as well including GBP, SGD and USD.

What can you use it for?

Well PointsPay generates a “virtual card” for you, based on a Visa, so pretty much for anything you pay with Visa normally.  In my case I used them for paying for my shopping on Amazon!

Virtual Card

If you are wanting to use it for something in-store then you can order a physical card, and a plastic card a PIN will be sent to you home address as per any normal card.

The Value

I converted 20,395 Miles into cash which gave me S$171.47 so valued them at 0.8 cents per mile.  This isn’t a great value but I was unlikely to use them for anything else.  The app is free, but the service is not – you are charged 0.99USD per transfer of points, so if you use the service ensure that you do so in the largest lumps possible to minimise this cost.

Leftover Miles

I was fortunate in the I managed to use up every single cent through buying a small gift certificate from Amazon.  But if you have some leftover cash it will revert back into miles once the 3 day time period is over.  So if you intend to use the card please do so quickly.


Would I use the service again – maybe is the honest answer.  I only had a small number miles with the Etihad Guest programme and this seemed like my best option to use them up.  If you are a frequent flyer with them then you’ll get 3 times the value if you redeem for flights, and more if you use them wisely.

How does it feel to fly with the best ?