One for the Ladies – UOB Lady’s Platinum Credit Card Review

I’ve been meaning to do a review of the UOB Lady’s Platinum Credit Card for a little while because its got some great features for the ladies!

UOB Lady's Platinum Credit Card Review

About the UOB Lady’s Platinum Credit Card

The UOB Lady’s Platinum Credit Card is issued by UOB in Singapore and is one of a range of cards that UOB has for keen miles earners and specifically women in this case.

As with other UOB cards miles are earned through UNI$ which can be converted into Asia Miles and more importantly Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Miles.

Note that this card is only available to women – I did try to apply but as you’ll find in the application men are not eligible.

Sign-Up Bonus

There’s no sign-up bonus for this card, and I haven’t seen one before but if you are looking to boost your miles with a sign-up then check out our monthly update here:

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Other Benefits

The Lady’s card has a low income requirement of $S30,000 and it comes with a few ancillary benefits including some free drinks, parking and installment plans.

What is the Annual Fee?

The annual fee is $S192.60 and is waived in the first year.  I’m sure if you call up you’ll be able to get a waiver for subsequent years.

Bonus for Renewal?

This card doesn’t have a bonus for renewal of the card but make sure you check when they charge you because they can take a large chunk of your Uni$ instead of cash.

Renewals are a cheap way to buy miles and you can check out our updated post on the market options here:

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What Do You Earn per $1?

The main benefit of this card is the good earning rates for shopping and to a lesser extent for taxi fares:

  • 2 Miles on online shopping (in foreign currency), overseas shopping, local department store shopping and taxis
  • 0.4 Miles on everything else and exclusions from above categories.

What is a Point Worth?

Any Miles and in particular Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Miles can vary widely in value.  So if you are looking at this particular card versus a credit card that offers cashback then you should have a look through these articles to help inform you decision:


  • Sign Up Bonus – 0/10
  • Ongoing Spend – 6/10

As there isn’t a sign-up bonus the card gets quite simply a 0!

I’ve given the card a 6/10 for its ongoing spend as 2 Miles per $S1 is decent and unlike some other cards the exclusions aren’t too bad.  The high earning rates for taxis is pretty good too and is much simpler than earning miles through the other methods for taxi spend.

You can get a higher rate of earning for shopping with the Citibank Rewards Credit Card which gets you a massive 4 Miles per $S1.

If you want to learn more about the UOB Lady’s Platinum credit card here’s the link to the UOB site:

One for the Ladies – UOB Lady’s Platinum Credit Card Review

Here are some other useful links on the site for those looking at Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Earning credit cards:

Got any card suggestions or updates then let us know!