My Visit to the Samsung Hub Regus Lounge – Review

I had a meeting scheduled in the city and I decided to give my Regus Gold membership a go.  As my meeting was at Prudential tower I picked Samsung hub as the location to work for the day – this is my review.

IMG_6100Regus has an extensive network in Singapore with locations across the city.  It also has a big range of facilities globally and is great for those that need a place to work whilst on the go.

I used the business lounge (Regus Lounge), and with Gold membership you get unlimited use.  The lounge comes with “Thinkpods” which are small little areas to work in.  I found them pretty comfortable and easy to work in.  If you got any luggage you’d struggle to fit it in with you though.

There’s wireless and wired internet connection and it’s simple to setup only taking a couple of minutes to do so.  Each pod also comes with its own power socket with the International style meaning that if you’ve forgotten your adapter you can probably still connect.

IMG_6101Other Amenities in the Regus Lounge

The lounge has a decent selection of industry magazines and newspapers if you’re looking to catch up on the news as well.  There’s also one Mac available for use – I did expect a few more to be honest.  So if you come without your laptop you might find yourself unlucky.

IMG_6102 IMG_6103

You do have access to some softdrinks, coffee and tea but there’s no food at all – which I was particularly disappointed about as I was starving!

I was there in the morning and I did find the space here a little lonely as I was expecting a few more people doing the same as me.  The afternoon was much busier when I went back.

The staff were friendly and I was able to “check-in” quickly and they showed me around.  The only complaint I would have is that the reception is right next to the business lounge meaning that if you’re working there you can hear the receptionists chatting on the phone or together and also all the comings and goings.


Overall it was a good visit and it was very handy to be able to work there just for day.

Have you been to one of these lounges?  Do you use them regularly?