Monday Moan – 5 Things I Don’t Like About Airport Lounges

I travel pretty regularly and I’m not the sort of person that gets to the airport last minute so airport lounges are really useful for me providing a nice quiet atmosphere, a place to plug in and enjoy the free wifi allowing me work whilst I travel (and write these posts!).  But there are things about them that I really don’t like about airport lounges.

Lounge Image

1 – Lounge Guests

I’ve seen lots of different things in airport lounges that are just ridiculous ways to behave.  I’ve seen some people literally take every packet of crisps and chocolates and stuff them in their bags to eat later.

Sometimes you get those that are having a phone call in the lounge, which is something that many do – after all it’s a quiet place to catch up on a bit of work or call home.  But what I really hate are those that have everything on speaker and full volume, a little courtesy can go a long way.

There are also those that enjoy themselves a little too much in the lounge, having a few too many drinks before their flight.  I don’t really mind that, I have a few myself usually.

2 – Lounge Announcements

What do you prefer many or none at all? That seems to be the choice that we all have in airport lounges. Some lounges announce every single flight meaning that you don’t get any peace and quiet, yes although I may want to know when my flight is departing I don’t need to know about the other 20 or so in-between.

I’m quite happy to have a look at the departure board, but even then some lounges don’t display all of the flights, especially if you are using a partner lounge.

3 – Lounge Design

Believe it or not but some lounges don’t come with washrooms at all, you’ll have to walk out to the public areas of the airport for that comfort break.  Some others are just the wrong the size, far too small for the number of lounge guests.

I think Singapore Airlines is a victim of this is Changi, some of their lounges aren’t up to the standard I’d expect.

4 – Lounge Dragons

Occasionally you encounter a lounge that has a lounge dragon.  A lounge dragon is the gatekeeper for the lounge and is the one that’ll be saying that you don’t have access even if you do.  My advice is just to persist!

5 – Lounge Food and Drink

Occasionally you come across a lounge that has some really poor food and drink.  I’ve been to lounges that actually serve the onboard food to their lounge guests – that was the British Airways lounge in Lisbon!

Sometimes I been to lounges where they’ve had literally no food left.  On a flight that was delayed from Helsinki to Singapore the lounge was about to shut before they announced the delay and they’d already cleared the food – a lot of the passengers complained and eventually the staff found some biscuits!

What really annoys you about airport lounges? Leave a comment below!

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