Malaysia Airlines Short-haul Trip Report

Welcome to the first flying trip report on a short-haul Malaysia Airlines flight from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur.

If you are travelling over to Asia or if you live in the region you may be taking one of these short-haul flights in the future especially if you are flying to Singapore from Europe.


I used the business class check-in through my Sapphire status with BA. After a short wait it was quick and easy, with the Changi staff being their usual friendly self.

Changi Airport already has some of its Christmas decorations up, gives the place a nice feel especially seeing as the weather here doesn’t really lend itself to a white Christmas!


The Golden Lounge

Unless you are flying with Malaysian Airlines you’re unlikely to ever need to use Golden Lounge as it’s located in Terminal 2 whereas BA, Cathay, Finnair, JAL, Qantas are located in Terminal 1 and Qatar Airways in Terminal 3. But if I your flying Malaysian then this is most likely where you’ll end up unless you have time to nip over to one of the other terminals. The only other reason you would end up here is if you are having a long layover as the BA and Qantas lounges only open up in the afternoon, whereas this is open from 9am.

I did a separate review of the lounge here (Golden Lounge Changi) for you to read.

The Gate

Once I’d had enough of the lounge I decided to wander over the gate.  Security was a bit easy to be honest, I wasn’t really awake yet and didn’t bother to take off belt, watch, sunglasses etc – the scanners went beep and the security staff just waived the wand once and let me through.  I had my boarding pass scanned and was greeted by an Air India plane pushing back.  The flight itself wasn’t that busy (early Saturday morning), so the gate waiting area was quite sparse.  You could see our Malaysia Airlines 737 out of the window nice and clearly.

DSC02111DSC02114 DSC02112


It was nice to hear that Malaysia Airlines clearly enforced their boarding procedures, which meant as BA Executive Club Silver I got to board along with the business passengers – this was clearly announced as a Oneworld benefit.  A few passengers tried their luck, but the gate staff stopped them, and asked them to wait on the side.

Disappointingly though there was no greeting when I entered the plane, the staff were busy stowing equipment. I walked past the business class seats to my own in Economy, but this was only a sub-hour flight so I didn’t mind.  It was only once had walked down the plane (I was past the wing), that a crew member said good morning.  Although nothing major it’s just always a nice touch.

There was some nice music playing, but I did become bored with it after a while.

The Seat

At first glance I was very happy with my seat, nice leather, reasonably spacious (for economy), and comfortable – it even included some kind of audio system (which I didn’t try to figure out).




However things then started to go wrong..  The seat, and it surrounds weren’t as clean as I’d hope – the armrest area of the seat in front was a good example of this.  On my return flight I had a bulkhead seat and there were some repairs that had been made to my seat, see below for the photos for what it should look like and what my seat had.



IMG_1501 IMG_1500

In addition to the slight tatty nature of the seat I opened up the ashtray to find some litter as well.  Some of the fuselage panels were also quite mucky. The floors and tray table were clean to be fair.

The tray table was very wobbly and I didn’t trust it with anything more than an orange juice and peanuts.  Again a minor point as this was only a short flight, but I can imagine the aircraft is used for longer flights.

Cabin Odour – now I fly a lot but this aircraft really had a bad case of cabin odour.  Now I’m not talking about someone who has taken their shoes off but more the oily fuel smell that comes from (or usually attributed to) the bleed air system from the aircraft engines.

The Experience

Once we were all sat the usual announcements started, not all of these were in English so I expect they were just intended for the crew, and not the passengers.  The captain gave several announcements during the flight one prior to takeoff on in the air and the other once we had landed. He was good enough to inform us that we would have a wait at Changi for takeoff due to a queue for the runway, but said we would arrive on time and we did.

These were a couple of the pictures from the flight:


Food and Drink

The flight is less than an hour so one shouldn’t expect much from the inflight service, but they came around with some peanuts and drinks . Once I had mine the captain announced that we had commenced our descent. I quickly finished my peanuts and drink but was then promptly offered some more!


IMG_1473 IMG_1472


The landing was smooth and quick, and I made my way into KLIA for my onward flight. Came across a nice display of plane models for those that are interested:



I also made a quick pit stop to the KLIA Regional Lounge – which have also done a separate review for – KLIA Regional Lounge Review


So that was my experience of Malaysia Airlines shorthaul, what was yours like – leave a comment and let me know. This is only one experience so some of the negative points should be taken with a pinch of salt, it may not be the same across Malaysia Airlines.  But, personally for such a short flight I wouldn’t pay over the odds for the extra service, but for me this was very cheap being one of Malaysia Airlines economy promo tickets.

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