Changes to Malaysia Airlines Temptations

There are some changes coming to Malaysia Airlines Temptations later this year that should hopefully solve some of the issues that we’ve all previously experienced

Malaysia Airlines TemptationsPrevious Issues with Malaysia Airlines Temptations

One of the big problems with Malaysia Airlines Temptations is the lack of an easy to get catalogue showing the available products as well as the pricing.  If you ever were to redeem your Enrich Miles for Temptations then you wouldn’t know prior what you’d be able to get for your vouchers.

In addition to that problem it wasn’t easy to redeem either with the Temptations store only be offered in store at KLIA or in-flight – not great if you want to use up your expiring miles when not flying.

Changes Coming to Malaysia Airlines Temptations

According to the release Temptations will be changing to have a larger range of products available and they’ll also be a “Online Shopping Experience” for “Seamless Transactions” – which I’m hoping means that they’ll be an online portal for purchases available much like KrisShop has for Singapore Airlines.  They announced there would be one coming in 2015 so hopefully it will this time!

Secondly, they are also going to be removing the need for physical vouchers which is great news as they are pain to remember and carry around.

Malaysia Airlines also state that you’ll be able to get products delivered or ready for pickup.

You can find out more about what’s coming on the Malaysia Airlines site here:

Changes Coming to Malaysia Airlines Temptations

Earning Enrich Miles with Temptations

You can still earn 7 Enrich Miles per $1 USD, and importantly all transactions in-flight are exempt from the 6% GST.  If you are purchasing on the ground then it’ll be charged GST.  They do say that during the transition period there may be some delay to the posting of earned Enrich miles so keep your receipts.

Read on for all of the details or check out the Malaysia Airlines page using this link:

Malaysia Airlines Temptations Earning Rates

Redeeming Enrich Miles with Temptations

The more interesting aspect of this partnership is the addition of the ability to redeem Enrich Miles with Temptations.  Enrich vouchers are a standard price with each costing 3,500 Enrich Miles for value of 50RM.

This means that you’ll get 1.4 sen value per Mile which is pretty poor and you can do better even for Economy redemptions.  Check out our value of Enrich Miles posts for details:

What is an Enrich Mile Worth?

Upgrading Using Malaysia Airlines Enrich Miles – The Best Value?

Of course the great value is when you have small amounts or expiring Enrich Miles – at least you would be getting some value back!

Each member can utilise up to 10 pieces of Enrich RM50 vouchers (totaling RM500) per transaction.  Note that purchases using Enrich vouchers are not entitled to Enrich Miles.

Here is the link to information on Redeeming with Temptations:

Malaysia Airlines Relaunches Temptations Redemption Options

What are you hoping for with the relaunch of Malaysia Airlines Temptations?