Malaysia Airlines Offers Discounted Upgrades with MHUpgrade

Every few months I update this post with the latest offers people receive for MHUpgrade and what they’ve been successful with so here is the update for July.

As a brief introduction, Malaysia Airlines now allows MHUpgrade – giving you the opportunity to upgrade from Economy to Business Class or Business Class to First Class by determining your own price and if successful you’ll be upgraded!

Malaysia Airlines Offers Discounted Upgrades with MHUpgrade

Malaysia Airlines is using this to fill up empty seats with discounted upgrades and they’ve called it MHUpgrade.  MHUpgrade is a kind of auction but you don’t directly see what the highest bid is, rather you have a sliding scale that shows you the “Offer Strength”.  You’ll receive all of the benefits of the upgraded class even if you have purchased the discounted fare.

You can find all of the details on the new service on the Malaysia Airlines site:

Malaysia Airlines Offers Discounted Upgrades with MHUpgrade

How to Get Your MHUpgrade

There are three steps to getting an upgrade:

  1. Receive an MHUpgrade offer from Malaysia Airlines via email and click the link provided or check your eligibility here.  Then submit what price you want to pay for the upgrade.
  2. Enter your payment details (credit card is charged before the bid is successful)
  3. Review and submit – you’ll find out if you’re successful 48 hrs before departure and only if successful will your credit card be charged.

One of our regular readers Teck has posted up a picture of what the service looks like:

MHUpgrade Offer

If you are upgrading a ticket with multiple legs you’ll be offered each individually.  If you are travelling in two or more then you are bidding for the upgrade for all.  The website states that all Malaysia Airlines flights are eligible for the upgrade including travel agent bookings.  However, I’d be surprised if they offer these upgrades on redemption bookings or others that you normally wouldn’t accrue Enrich Miles – P/U/I/E/G/X/T.

Malaysia Airlines has given a nice handy guide to their upgrade service:

Steps to Submit an MHUpgrade Offer

Note that from the comments I’ve received on the site here the minimum prices and range can change over time – Thanks to Claire for reporting this.

Examples of Offers on FlyStayTravel Comments – Keep them Coming!

  • Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur – Return $230 to $950 and $480 to $960 AUD (per leg) – Econ to Biz
  • Brisbane to Kuala Lumpur One Way $215 to $810 AUD – Econ to Biz x 2 (thanks Kylie)
  • London to Kuala Lumpur One Way $2750 USD (lowest) – Econ to Biz
  • Singapore to Kuala Lumpur One Way $40 SGD – Econ to Biz (thanks Ayam Sam)
  • London to Kuala Lumpur One Way £640 – £1240 Econ to Biz (thanks to Claire)
  • London to Kuala Lumpur One Way £625-1210 Econ to Biz (thanks to Claire)
  • Kuala Lumpur to Brisbane One Way £125-450 Econ to Biz (thanks to Claire)
  • Ho Chi Minh to Kuala Lumpur One Way US$60 to US$260 Econ to Biz (thanks to Sam)
  • Sydney to Kuala Lumpur One Way AUD $340 Econ to Biz (thanks to Albert)
  • Kuala Lumpur to Adelaide One Way SGD $240-930 Econ to Biz (thanks to Nick)
  • Singapore to Paris One Way SGD $945 – 1810 (thanks to manuesz)
  • Yangon to Kuala Lumpur. One Way RM239 / USD55(thanjs to Nalls)

Known Successful Bids:

  • Brisbane to Kuala Lumpur AUD $350 (Kylie)
  • Kuala Lumpur to Brisbane AUD $350 (Kylie)
  • Singapore to Kuala Lumpur – SGD $60 (Nick)
  • Kuala Lumpur to Adelaide – SGD $350 (Nick)
  • Bombay to Kuala Lumpur for USD90 (Vivek)
  • Kuala Lumpur to Bombay for USD100 (Vivek)
  • Bombay to Kuala Lumpur for USD120 (Jonathan)
  • SIN-KUL S$40 (WS)
  • KUL-HKG S$140 (WS)
  • KUL-SYD S$255 (minimum bid) (Victor)
  • SYD-KUL S$255 (minimum bid) (Victor)
  • KUL-DXB with a minimum bid of US$180.(Abu Ferris)
  • KUL to SYD for GBP 195 (Sprinc4)
  • PEN – KUL MYR 160 (minimum) (Megat)
  • ching (KCH) -KL RM150 (Nore)
  • KUL-BKI (kota kinabalu) rm150 (shuffyz)
  • KIX – KUL S$250 (X)
  • Perth to KL ($170 AUD) (Belinda)
  • KL to Perth ($170 AUD) (Belinda)
  • KuL to Auckland AUD 500 (Owen 23)
  • Auckland to KUL AUD 450 (Owen 23)
  • KUL to PER for RM500 (Fendi)
  • KUL – BKK – £40 each way (Mezz)
  • AMS – KUL – £430 each way (Mezz)
  • Kul to Seoul for RM369 (Saleh)
  • KUL – DPS successful bid RM215 (diablo)
  • Adelaide to Kuala Lumpur successful bid $350 (Troy Hartman)
  • Kuala Lumpur to Adelaide successful bid $375 (Troy Hartman)
  • Kuala Lumpur to Brunei RM250 (Charles Lim)

I’m also including some of the feedback from Flyertalk (with post numbers) members as well:

KUL – ADL SGD250 #203
KUL – AKL USD325 #447
KUL – BKK SGD80 #70
KUL – BKK USD65 #450
KUL – CAN MYR345 #358
KUL – CGK USD60 #153
KUL – CGK MYR220 #230
KUL – DPS SGD80 #70
KUL – DPS AUD75 #114
KUL – HAN AUD90 #209
KUL – HKG MYR480 #393
KUL – HYD GBP90 #54
KUL – HYD USD90 #452
KUL – ICN MYR402 #343
KUL – ICN EUR120 #354
KUL – KIX MYR452 #472
KUL – KUA MYR143 #349
KUL – KCH MYR150 #287
KUL – LGK MYR263 #505
KUL – LHR MYR3,350 #67
KUL – MEL MYR1,005 #262
KUL – PEK MYR345 #338
KUL – PEN MYR170 #268
KUL – PER GBP135 #309
KUL – PER USD150 #335
KUL – PER MYR524 #336
KUL – PNH MYR200 #404
KUL – PVG SGD120 #30, 225
KUL – PVG USD105 #169, 217
KUL – REP MYR150 #123
KUL – RGN MYR305 #333
KUL – SGN MYR210 #141
KUL – SIN MYR30 #52
KUL – SIN SGD50 #267
KUL – SYD SGD300 #267

AMS – KUL GBP450 #152
BKK – KUL GBP80 #54
BKK – KUL USD65 #452
BNE – KUL AUD215 #2
BWN – KUL USD60 #394
CAN – KUL MYR350 #358
DAC – KUL USD120 #479
DPS – KUL AUD70 #121
DPS – KUL USD60 #216
HKG – KUL SGD120 #53
HKG – KUL HKD810 #266
HKG – KUL HKD805 #290
HKT – KUL MYR30 #52
HKT – KUL NZD55 #447
HYD – KUL USD90 #450
KIX – KUL MYR452 #445
KCH – BKI MYR200 #344
KCH – KUL MYR150 #287
LGK – KUL GBP20 #44
LGK – KUL MYR263 #505
MAA – KUL SGD125 #163
MEL – KUL AUD230 #1
MEL – KUL AUD305 #140
MEL – KUL AUD480 #16
MEL – KUL AUD400 #312
MEL – KUL MYR1,300 #312
MNL – KUL USD140 #482
PEK – KUL MYR500 #323
PEK – KUL GBP80 #332
PEK – KUL MYR345 #340
PER – KUL USD160 #350
PVG – KUL USD105 #167
REP – KUL USD45 #334
RGN – KUL USD65 #506
SDK – KUL MYR150 #154
SGN – KUL MYR200 #141
SIN – KUL SGD85 #213
SIN – KUL SGD50 #267
SYD – KUL AUD260 #172, 208
SYD – KUL AUD300 #456
SYD – KUL AUD330 #215
SYD – KUL AUD400 #468
SYD – KUL MYR810 #325
TPE – KUL SGD110 #391

KUL – CDG MYR5,000 #67
LHR – KUL USD2,750 #4

It seems as though the system offers some variation in the prices from what’s been reported so far.  It would be great if everyone could post up what they’ve been offered!

MHUpgrade and Enrich/Oneworld

One of the disappointing things about the service is that there are no Enrich Miles earned for the upgrade.  So if you upgrade from Economy to Business you’ll only earn on the Economy fare that you originally booked.  Neither does this offer earn you anything with the Oneworld partners as “I” class which you’ll be booked into is not only a non-earning class on Malaysia Airlines but also the Oneworld partners.

You are however meant to earn for the original fare class that you booked whether that’s economy or business class.  I’d advise you to keep an eye on your frequent flyer account once you’ve flown to check that your miles are correctly credited as I suspect that they won’t in at least some cases.

You can find all of the relevant terms and conditions here.

Thoughts on Improving Your Chances of Success or Reduce the Cost

When you are selecting the price that you want to pay for the upgrade you’ll get an “Offer Strength” indicator – this doesn’t guarantee success and is dependent on factors that Malaysia Airlines has decided upon (I’m hoping the number of seats sold versus offers, and your bid).  Obviously placing the highest bid will give you a better chance of success.

You can bid up to 72hrs before departure and it may be worth leaving it until near that point to see what the best bid is in terms of strength, as Malaysia Airlines by that point will know how many seats are sold and what the other bids are.

The other trick that might work for this is to check what tickets are for sale as well as what are available for redemptions.  If there are discounted tickets for sale and/or business redemption tickets available then I personally would be a lower amount as they are trying to fill seats.  If there are no redemption tickets available or the business class seats are being sold at fully flex then you are probably better off bidding higher.

Traveling solo is also going to improve your chances as getting to cheaper tickets is going to be harder than one.


I like the idea of this service, and it looks as though it’s a good way to get some cheaper travel in business class.  The main disappointment is that they aren’t offering Enrich Miles on the upgraded fare.  Other airlines like British Airways offer you the full amount of Avios when you use their check-in upgrades or their pro-active online upgrades.

Have you used the service?  What was you offer on the sliding scale?