Malaysia Airlines Golden Lounge Changi Airport Review

Malaysia Airlines has a small but practical lounge in Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2, and this is my review on a recent trip to Kuala Lumpur.



Unless you are flying with Malaysia Airlines you’re unlikely to ever need to use Golden Lounge as it’s located in Terminal 2 whereas BA, Cathay, Finnair, JAL, Qantas are located in Terminal 1 and Qatar Airways in Terminal 3. But if I your flying Malaysia Airlines then this is most likely where you’ll end up unless you have time to nip over to one of the other terminals. The only other reason you would end up here is if you are having a long layover as the BA and Qantas lounges only open up in the afternoon, this one is open from 5am to 9pm.  You can find it using the lounge signs located throughout Changi.




I was greeted with a friendly smile, and as it turned out a lounge all to myself, I wasn’t exactly early either. The lounge is not the largest one you’ve ever been to but packs in quite a lot including a games room (only for kids unfortunately!), a chair spa, large office area, prayer room, and showers.




The Games Room

The games room is a feature you don’t always see in a lounge, it has a few puzzles and games as well as a separate door so not to disturb other lounge guests.


DSC02100 DSC02101


The chair spa was actually just a massage chair by OSIM.





The restrooms are adequate for the size of the lounge, and do come with one shower. Towels were available as well as some basic amenities including shower gel, toothpaste, shaving equipment. A hairdryer is also provided to help dry off.


DSC02103 DSC02102


The office area

Considering the size of the rest of he lounge the office area is actually quite large. Plenty of desks and desktop computer focused as well as a decent multifunction printer.


DSC02109 DSC02110


The buffet

The breakfast had a mix of cold sandwiches, pastries, the usual western cereals as well as nasi lemak and rendang. I ended up going for a muffin and croissant – my mistake I should’ve had an Asian breakfast! The muffin felt like it had just been pumped up and the croissant was soggy and bland.


 DSC02096DSC02097 DSC02106 DSC02107 DSC02108


Coffee in the morning is my most important drink of the day and I was pleased to see that this lounge has a proper machine. I opted for a cappuccino, now you have to be careful with the machine its feisty. If you have small children with inquisitive fingers then I’d ensure they are kept a couple of feet away as the steam is impressive. The coffee itself was ok at best, never going to make the worlds best coffee championship.




The drinks

Something that I hadn’t noticed on previous visits was that the drinks are actually screened from view in the drinks fridge. There wasn’t a great selection, with just Tiger and Heineken on offer but that may be because it was quite early morning.


DSC02098 DSC02099


Although I didn’t plug-in anything I failed to see any handy sockets in and around the seating area, unlike what you would see in the Qantas or BA lounges. You could always use the office area instead if you need some power.

Finally the lounge has a smoking room all the way down the corridor right at the end. As of now, with the closure of the smoking rooms in the SQ SKL T2 some time back, this apparently the only lounge in SIN that has it’s own integrated smoking area.  (thanks to TGflyergirl for the tip).


The lounge isn’t big but is functional, and is more of a domestic lounge than an International lounge. I was happy to spend an hour or so there, but not any longer.  However, it’s better than some of the outstation lounges I’ve been too in the past.

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