Malaysia Airlines Enrich Redemption Promo – Up to 30% Off

Malaysia Airlines has launched another redemption promo offering up to 30% off the Enrich Miles needed for redemptions.  The Enrich Redemption promo is available for booking until the 7th April for flights between the 8th April and 30th June.

Enrich Redemption Promo

Destinations on Offer in the Malaysia Airlines Enrich Redemption Promo

Malaysia Airlines is only offering three routes in this promotion which is a little limited compared to previous ones. The three routes are London, Tokyo and Hong Kong so a mix of Long-haul, medium-haul and short-haul.  You can find all the details here:

Enrich Redemption Promo

Tokyo is the best option here with 30% off the Enrich miles required you can redeem at these rates:

Tokyo Enrich Redemption Promo

Hong Kong is also offered at 30% off but it’s a short-haul route and generally I wouldn’t redeem for this type of flight as the experience isn’t really the same.  These are the rates:

Hong Kong Enrich Redemption Promo

London is also on “offer” but it’s misleading because this 15% overides the usual 15% off so as long as you book online then you aren’t getting a discount at all.  These are the usual rates:

London Enrich Redemption Promo

Worth Redeeming?

The promotion overrides the usual 15% discount that you get for booking online so any rates are in reality 15% less than they appear so at the highest level a 30% discount is only actually a 15% discount.  As I mentioned the London discount isn’t really a discount at all. Again you can find the promotion details here:

Enrich Redemption Promo

I’d only really consider this offer for the Tokyo flights where you may be able to get on their new A330 business class product:

New Malaysia Airlines Airlines Business Class Seats Coming for A330s

For more details on the value of your miles for flight redemptions check out this article for details:

Are you going to redeem during this promotion?