Malaysia Airlines Enrich Promotion South Asia

Check out the new Malaysia Airlines Enrich Promotion offering up to 40% off South Asia destinations from Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysia Airlines Enrich Promotion South AsiaDestinations and Rates in the Malaysia Airlines Enrich Promotion South Asia

This promotion is just for South Asia and so is a little limited in scope compared to other promotions in the past.  It covers destinations in Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh and Nepal.  These are all short-haul destinations so the value for redeeming for miles isn’t going to be as good as you might be able to get for medium or long-haul destinations like Australia, or London for example.

Below are all of the rates available:

malaysia-airlines-enrich-promotion-south-asia-ratesMalaysia Airlines Enrich Promotion South Asia












Better Deal – Now the 15% Discount is no More!

These deals that Malaysia Airlines have tended to run over the last couple of years have actually become more attractive since they removed the 15% discount.

That’s because previously these deals were not on top-of the 15% discount that was previously available so in the past a 20% discount was only actually a 5% discount.

So going forward if you are looking for the best deal for your Enrich Miles then keep an eye out for these types of deals.

Will you be booking on of these fares?