Malaysia Airlines and Emirates Partnership – Redemptions Available

The Malaysia Airlines and Emirates Partnership has been live for a little while now, but they’ve now released the redemption rates for using Enrich Miles on Emirates Flights.

Malaysia Airlines and Emirates Partnership

Earning Enrich Miles with the Malaysia Airlines and Emirates Partnership

Emirates has added the Malaysia Airlines codes (4000-4999) to 30 new routes for Enrich Flyers.  This includes recently dropped routes of Paris, Frankfurt and Amsterdam as well as numerous other destinations.

If you book through Malaysia Airlines under a MH code then you’ll be able to earn not just Enrich Miles but also miles towards your Elite status. These miles will be earned in line with the Malaysia Airlines charts:

Earning Rates on Malaysia Airlines

For status passengers you should receive the exact same treatment you get as on Malaysia Airlines so lounge access etc. This however does not include lounge access for status passengers that are flying in Economy.

Note that flights booked through Emirates will not earn Enrich Miles so be careful if you intend to Earn Enrich and Elite Miles with Enrich. For status passengers it’s the same case you don’t get the usual benefits if you book an Emirates Code.

Differences When Flying Emirates

For those Malaysia Airlines flyers you’ll notice that in general the hard product for Emirates is much better than Malaysia Airlines itself offers, but I tend to think that the service on-board Malaysia Airlines is better.

The downside of course is that you’ll have to transit via Dubai for flights to those new destinations.  Malaysia Airlines has put together a guide to explain the new codeshares:

Malaysia Airlines and Emirates Partnership Explanation

Redemptions on Emirates With Enrich Miles – New As of April!

Malaysia Airlines Enrich ios using the same Enrich redemption rates as for other Enrich Partners, which is this chart:

Enrich Emirates Redemption RatesNote that you won’t receive the usual Emirates perks of the chauffeur drive service, and you cannot book First Class.

You’ll also have to call in and that means you’ll be at the mercy of the Customer Service staff on the Enrich lines which aren’t usually good at all for finding redemption availability.

It might be worth searching using Qantas or Mileage Plan to find your seats and then directing the call centre staff to those flights.  Always use the hang up and call again method to find a different agent too.

These rates are potentially lower than on Malaysia Airlines itself, check out this post for details:

Cheaper Redemptions on Oneworld and Partner Airlines

Worth a Watch

There was also a very interesting interview at the Singapore Airshow with the CEO Christoph Mueller which is really worth a watch.  In another recent interview it sounds as though Malaysia Airlines also turned a profit during the Chinese New Year period which is great news – you can check that out here.

What did you think of the interview?