Jetstar Singapore to Siem Reap and Return – Trip Report

Recently I took a trip over to Siem Reap with Jetstar from Singapore and I thought I would share my experience.

Jetstar 3K597 Singapore to Siem Reap


Check-in was a bit slow at Changi Airport and they were informing the various baggage rules by checking the weight of not only the check-in baggage but also the cabin baggage – at tag was provided to show they had been checked. On the positive side there was no queue, and we were on our way. We would have been much quicker had we not had check-in baggage as we would have been able to use Jetstar’s innovative service Straight to Gate – check out my previous post here.


We spent a little time at the airport and bought a few essentials as well as spend some time in the Rainforest lounge which is definitely worth a visit if you are looking for a shower or a snooze  – I’ll be posting on this at a later date.IMG_2908

We left the lounge and went on to the departure gate, in this case C19. It was right at the far end and some distance from immigration. We sat down for a few minutes in what was an area with some good plane spotting. However shortly after we arrived the flight began boarding. After those with priority boarding and those with small children the staff began to board the rest by row numbers – back first. The boarding was therefore relatively efficient and quick – we were sat quite far back so boarded almost first.

Our seat is what you would expect from a low cost carrier – functional but nothing special. Our plane was a A320 a common aircraft for short haul (the flight is 2.15hrs). Here are the specifications for a Jetstar seat:

  • Pitch: 29 inches
  • Width: 17.88 inches


You can find out more information here about them on the Jetstar website:

Weirdly I had to look up the actual pitch and width on seat guru as they only state the extra for paid selections!


The flight was uneventful, we took off on time and the regular service commenced. This included a welcomes message from the captain and chief cabin crew, as well as the statutory safety briefing. The crew served pre ordered meals to those who had ordered online as well as offer food snacks and drinks to those who could pay on-board. Duty free and the Jetstar shop items were also offered.

On landing in Siem Reap International we disembarked using stairs as there are no sky bridges at the airport, and it was a short walk to the terminal (but it was rather hot!).

Verdict for the Singapore to Siem Reap leg: Slightly slow check-in to check our bags were compliant, but otherwise a good flight.

Jetstar 3K598 Siem Reap to Singapore

We left Siem Reap 3days after we arrived and flew back also on Jetstar.


The check-in was slow, very disorganised and completely confusing. We arrived 2hrs 30mins ahead of our scheduled departure time and we’re not able to check-in immediately. After asking one of the Bangkok Airways staff we found out our checking would open up 2hrs prior to the flight. There were no signs as to where to check-in but again after asking the staff we were able to identify it was desks 4-6. Loads of other passengers were having the same issues. When the check-in eventually opened up I found the service was quite good the member of staff was quick and we were on our way.

Siem Reap International

Although this is a trip report about the Jetstar flight it is worth mentioning the airport a little. Although quite small I was quite impressed, it has a few decent shops, places to eat and plenty of seating. It also has a good view out towards the runway so you can see the aircraft come in and takeoff. In addition to that there is free Wifi and good clean toilets something not always available in Cambodia.

A TransAsia Airways and Bangkok Airways aircraft on the tarmac:

DSC01890 DSC01891


Unfortunately what let the airport and Jetstar down was the boarding. To start the flight was delayed due to a fuel truck not being available and the fact that we couldn’t board whilst the aircraft was being refuelled. Secondly there was little or not information available as to when we would board. Finally when we did board it was a melee, not boarding by row number this time so boarding was very slow, in addition to that there seemed to be an issue with the number of bags that people were trying to put up in the overhead lockers – a lack of space basically. So the last group of passengers were not able to find spaces at which point the cabin crew asked the passengers if the bags could go in the hold instead, the passengers declined and a search for space continued, this went on for nearly 15mins and all the other passengers were left waiting. Eventually the captain came over the address system to say stow the bags as we won’t take off until then. Some space was found the doors were closed and we set off.


In-flight from Siem Reap to Singapore

Again the seat and comfort is what I expect for a flight of this duration when I’ve booked a low cost carrier. The seats were clean and comfort sell enough for 2hrs. Because of our flight time and commitments we had decided to give an inflight meal a go. We ordered chicken rice and Mediterranean Chicken. I was actually surprised that they both came with a small Kit Kat, bottle of water, and a complementary coffee or tea (I didn’t spend too long researching the meal option!).

 DSC01898IMG_3015 DSC01901DSC01900

The meal itself was reasonably well cooked, but it wasn’t up to the standard that I’ve had before with Singapore Airlines or Malaysia Airlines on short haul flights. I ordered a coffee which was surprisingly good, and it came with the option of adding and sugar and milk.

My main issue with the meal was that it was just handed to me and it was extremely hot and no proper napkin was provided – a recipe for disaster in my opinion!  If you order food for children please beware if this is standard.

The rest of the flight was comfortable and landing was smooth so all good.


Overall both flights were good, but there were just some areas for potential improvement.  Particularly the dealing of the passengers and their bag space, I don’t think the crew were firm enough with what was an inconsiderate passenger.  I will most likely be flying Jetstar again in the future.