Jetstar Singapore Launches Loyalty Club – Club Jetstar and Why I Don’t Like it

Jetstar Singapore has launched its own loyalty club – Club Jetstar in Singapore yesterday.  This is in addition to the one that they already launched in Australia in May 2013.

Jetstar Singapore Launches Loyalty Club - Club Jetstar

What is Club Jetstar?

It’s basically a paid membership club offering exclusive deals, no points or status levels unlike other loyalty programmes.

What are the benefits of Club Jetstar?

  • Exclusive access to at least 4 member only Club Jetstar Singapore sale events, including Take A Friend For Free sale, each year
  • $40 flight voucher when you join, redeemable for booking and travel as soon as you receive it.
  • Discounts and special offers from a range of our partners

The discounts and special offers from the partners are current (as of writing) a 10% discount on travel insurance and a 5% discount on hotel bookings through Jetstar.

What Does Club Jetstar Cost?

  • Club Jetstar Singapore is a new membership programme from Jetstar. For a once-off SGD$39 joining fee and a low ongoing annual membership fee after the first year.
  • Annual membership fee of SGD$39.99 (waived for the first year)

Analysis on Club Jetstar

$40 Voucher Benefit

The main benefit upfront is the $S40 voucher, which is immediately redundant as you’ve just spent the same amount on the joining fee.  In addition the voucher is only valid for 6 months, and can only be used by the named individual that received it.  The voucher must be fully redeemed in one booking as well – so this all devalues the voucher completely in my opinion.

Don’t forget that after the first year you need to pay $40 for renewing membership, no additional voucher is offered.

Exclusive Access to 4 Members Only Sales

Jetstar seem to make this a big deal, but I question the following.  Are these sales going to be at convenient timings for you?  Are they the booking periods, travel periods and destinations that you are looking to travel?  Apart from the Take a Friend Free promotion, which by the way doesn’t state whether this is the full cost or just the fare cost (so you’d probably still be paying taxes, fees etc.) –  I really would question the benefit.  You are effectively paying upfront for something that you don’t know whether is any good.

If you are looking to reduce the cost of your flights then I suggest checking out this post on how to book cheaper flights.  At the very least if you are looking at low cost carries, use a flight search engine like Skyscanner to find cheaper fares.

Discounts and special offers from a range of partners

At the moment the offers for the partners are not exciting at all, they are small discounts.  Generally I wouldn’t purchase travel insurance from a low-cost airline anyway, I prefer better cover from a major insurance provider.  The hotels benefit at 5% is nothing of interest either, you can save that just by shopping around a little – see our guide for tips on booking cheaper hotels

Interesting Promotion Response on Facebook

The new launch was promoted on Facebook as you might expect, and there has been a mixed reaction by potential customers which you can see here.  I noticed that Jetstar was responding to comments  from people asking how to sign-up but not those that were negative in anyway.  I was wondering if they are deliberately ignoring those that had criticism for this new product?

Conclusion and Why I Won’t be Signing Up

I really don’t think this is a good offer – the membership fee, joining fee and the lack of real tangible offers just makes this a poor deal in my opinion.  I can see those that are really into trying to get a good deal signing up for this but I wouldn’t recommend it.  If the deals become more transparent and the offerings improve maybe it’ll be of better value but for the moment I won’t be a Club Jetstar member.

Here is the link to the site with the sign up and all the FAQs (which I would read if I were you) – Jetstar Singapore Launches Loyalty Club – Club Jetstar