Jetstar Launches Straight to Gate (Updated)

Jetstar is continuing to develop the Straight to Gate service that it launched last year with additional routes added.  We’ve also adding in user feedback from a reader to give you an insight into the service.  We still haven’t tried it yet but I’m we will!  Please leave some comments if you’ve used it too.

What is Jetstar Straight to Gate?

Straight to Gate allows passengers traveling on selected Jetstar Asia (3K/VF) and selected Jetstar Australia (JQ) flights to check-in online via check in at from the comfort of the home or office and proceed to the boarding gate on arrival at the airport. This is available for passengers traveling with carry on baggage only and without visa or other entry requirements. You can choose your own seat and simply download and print your Straight to Gate boarding pass and proceed directly to customs for a faster experience through the airport.

This is who the service applies to:

Jetstar Launches Straight to Gate

Which Routes is Jetstar Straight to Gate Available on?

It’s available on the following routes and has recently seen more added since July:

  • Singapore-Kuala Lumpur
  • Singapore-Bangkok
  • Singapore-Phuket
  • Singapore-Hong Kong
  • Singapore-Yangon
  • Singapore-Siem Reap
  • Singapore-Penang
  • Singapore-Ho Chi Minh City
  • Singapore-Phnom Penh
  • Singapore-Jakarta
  • Singapore-Hangzhou
  • Singapore-Denpasar
  • Singapore-Surabaya
  • Singapore-Medan
  • Singapore-Shantou
  • Singapore-Guangzhou
  • Singapore-Taipei
  • Singapore-Haikou
  • Hong Kong-Singapore
  • Kuala Lumpur-Singapore
  • Penang-Singapore
  • Bangkok-Singapore
  • Jakarta-Singapore
  • Denpasar-Singapore
  • Surabaya-Singapore

Straight to gate is available on the following Jetstar Australia flights with a JQ flight code:

  • Melbourne-Phuket (Departing Melbourne only)

What do users of the service say?

Generally passengers seem to be very happy with the service, although beware I’ve heard a few people are having their cabin baggage weighed just after check-in.  Here is some specific feedback from reader Icpteck who used the service early on (thanks for the update!)

This Straight to Gate policy is fast and simple.

Did a web check-in the night before, selected my seat, and printed my boarding pass. When I landed at Changi Airport, I headed straight to immigration with my printed boarding pass and my hand carry luggage. The police at the gate (before customs) placed my printed boarding pass on his scanner to scan the barcode to verify my details. After which he stamped it with his immigration chop and off I’m at the immigration counters.

This practically cuts down your check-in time to just about 15 seconds. The police at the gate is now your check-in agent. 5 sec to look at boarding pass and passport, 5 sec to scan the barcode, and 5 sec to place his stamp of approval.

Do note this is only available for Ex-SIN.

One final note that if you are flying to a destination that requires you to have proof of an onward flight or return flight you might be asked to produce it, and so far no evidence of bag checking at the gate for weight.

What Jetstar Say About the Service

You can find out more on the service on the Jetstar website here or watch this catchy video below:


This will be a great service for those that regularly commute with hand baggage only, as they’ll save on queuing for check-in.

Have you used the service?  How did it go?