How to Work Out the Cost of Your Oneworld and Partner Airline Redemptions Using Enrich Miles

One of the very strange things about Malaysia Airlines Enrich is the way that the various award charts are structured.  To be honest I always find them confusing and unhelpful.  However   Since the devaluation of Enrich I decided to start to look more into alternative redemptions and Malaysia Airlines actually has quite a few other options for you to use.


Malaysia Airlines Enrich Oneworld and Partner Redemptions

Unfortunately Malaysia Airlines has made it really complicated for members to understand their redemption chart for Oneworld and Partner Airlines.

This is the chart for booking on a single Oneworld member airline or Partner Airline (like Emirates) – for example a flight from London to Qatar on Qatar Airways:

When you’re booking Malaysia Airlines and one Oneworld or Partner Airline you use this table – for example a flight from Kuala Lumpur to London on Malaysia Airlines then a connecting flight from London to Dublin on British Airways:

If you book on two or more Oneworld airlines or three Oneworld Airlines and Malaysia Airlines then you use the Multi-Carrier Award chart – for example if you were to fly Los Angeles to New York on American Airlines and then onward to London

Once you have the correct chart you can then work out the miles.  What you’ll need to do is to work out the distance you are actually going to be flying.  So here are some examples with Oneworld Airlines:

  • Kuala Lumpur to Tokyo on Japan Airlines then the distance would be 3,310 Miles – Zone 3
  • Kuala Lumpur to London on British Airways 6550 Miles – Zone 4
  • Perth to London via Doha on Qatar Airways would be 9,040 Miles – Zone 5

Prices are then determined by whether you are looking at a one-way or return.  Note that Returns are cheaper than one-ways for bookings so try and avoid one-way flights.

Multi Carrier Awards on Enrich Are Calculated Differently

If you are booking a Multi Carrier award using the last chart you’ll need to work out the total distance you are flying which can be done by adding the distances of all of the legs that you are flying so a return to London from Sydney on Qatar Airways and British Airways via Doha would be:

  • Sydney to Doha 7690
  • Doha to London 3259
  • London to Doha 3259
  • Doha to Sydney 7690

Total distance is 21,898 therefore you’d price this at zone 7.  As with the other partner award charts it is cheaper to book a return or book a sequence of flights than one-ways due to way the zones are structured.

I hope this helps you out finding how much your Oneworld or Partner Award redemption using Enrich Miles might actually cost!

If you’ve got any tips – feel free to share…