How to use those Expiring or Small Amounts of your Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Miles – Updated

Now I’m a member of loads of loyalty programs and I always end up with the inevitable situation where I have expiring miles or small amounts that I can’t do anything with (usually airlines I don’t fly frequently), so here’s my guide on what to do with Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Miles.

How to use those Expiring or Small Amounts of your Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Miles

What are Your Options for Expiring or Small Amounts of KrisFlyer Miles?

Essentially there are four options:  (1) Spend the small amount or expiring Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Miles, or (2) Top-up the amount you have for a decent reward or (3) Extend your KrisFlyer Miles or (4) this is the newest option – Convert.

I’d also like to mention that in order to help you out with expiring miles it might be worth using a service like Award Wallet to track expiring miles:

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(1) KrisFlyer Miles Spending Options:

Spending KrisFlyer Miles via even the cheapest award bookings will usually get you some value for you KrisFlyer Miles, but beware of paying more than you need to just for flying Singapore Airlines.

  • One way award redemption start from 7,500 KrisFlyer Miles
  • One way upgrades (economy to business) start from 15,000 KrisFlyer Miles
  • Pay with KrisFlyer Miles (mix cash and Miles – minimum 5,000 required)

If you redeem online you’ll alsoget a 15% discount on these.  For more details on spending options check out the Singapore Airlines website.

Don’t forget that you can redeem for others using redemption nominees as well, so if you cant travel at least you can use them.

(2) KrisFlyer Miles Top-Up Options:

  • You can top-up through various hotel schemes including Hilton HHonors, IHG Hotels – check here
  • Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer has lots of credit card partners that you can top-up your account with check out the website for more information for your country – co-branded cards and credit card partners
  • You can purchase KrisFlyer Miles directly from Singapore Airlines if you are booking a redemption and only if you have 50% of the required amount – this is not necessarily the cheapest method read here for details.

If you are looking to top up via a transfer from a credit card then you should be aware of the amount of time that points take to transfer – handily we have a post for that too:

Transfer Times from Reward or Hotel Points to Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer

(3) Extending your KrisFlyer Miles

You may extend your miles once for six months at a nominal fee. If you are a KrisFlyer Elite Silver, KrisFlyer Elite Gold or PPS Club member, you may extend your miles for one year. The table below outlines the cost for each different level and method.

KrisFlyer Elite Silver Elite Gold, PPS Club, Solitaire PPS Club
KrisFlyer miles


KrisFlyer miles US$ KrisFlyer miles US$
Extend validity of expiring miles (fee per 10,000 miles or part thereof)
Extend for six months online 1,200 12 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Extend for six months offline 2,000 20 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Extend for 12 months online N/A N/A 1,200 12 1,200 12
Extend for 12 months offline N/A N/A 2,000 20 2,000 20

(4) Convert Your KrisFlyer Miles

Singapore Airlines has added two conversion options which can extend the validity of your miles.  The first option is through Virgin Australia Velocity, as long as you have a minimum of 5,000 KrisFlyer Miles you can transfer across to Velocity at the ratio of 1.35 KrisFlyer Miles to 1 Velocity point. You could then use them as Velocity Points.

If you have no use for Velocity points you could conceivably convert back to KrisFlyer, but again there is a minimum of 5,000 so if you are looking to convert back you’d actually need to convert 6,750 KrisFlyer Miles (due to the 1.35 to 1 ratio).  When you transfer back the ratio is also 1.35 Velocity points to 1 KrisFlyer mile so you also lose out – effectively every KrisFlyer mile you convert in this manner you’ll only get 55% back.  For more details check out these posts:

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Your other option is to use the new partnership with Passion TapForMore, you’ll need to be a Singapore resident and also have the Passion card.  The conversion ratio is 1 KrisFlyer Mile to 1.1 TapForMore points which you could cash at 150 points for $S1, note that a minimum of 3,000 KrisFlyer miles is required.

As with Velocity you could convert back to Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer at the ratio of 1 TapForMore point to 0.43 KrisFlyer Miles.  Meaning that for every 1 KrisFlyer mile you use in this manner you’ll get 47% back.  For more details check out our post:

Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Partnership with PAssion TapForMore – Non-Flight Redemption

If you have any creative methods for using or extending your KrisFlyer Miles then leave a comment below!