How to Use Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer for Families

I was speaking to one of my friends recently who’s just had a child and she was asking me how to use Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Miles for Families, so I thought that I’d continue the series looking at families.How to Use Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer for Families

Earning KrisFlyer Miles for Children

Something that many people forget is that kids can earn KrisFlyer Miles too.  Anyone aged 2 and above can join and therefore earn KrisFlyer Miles.

Children 17 and under (but not infants 2 and under) earn the full miles that an adult earns but only pays 75% of the adult fare.  This means earning miles for your child is a must!  If your kids aren’t already signed up then sign-up using the link below:

Joining Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer

Using Redemption Nominees for Families

Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer members can have up to 5 redemption nominees which can be family members who can then have flights redeemed for them.  This is particularly useful for parents with children who travel for work and can then use the miles earned for the rest of the family.   If you have a large family note that you can only change someone that has been selected as a nominee six months afterwards.  In addition if you are not Gold status or above there will be a cost to change nominees past the original 5 selected.  For more details on the fees and for more information on nominees click the links below:

Nominees on Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Fees

Redeeming KrisFlyer miles for members 17 years of age and below

Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer have some additional rules for redeeming miles for KrisFlyer members under the age of 17:

  • 12 and Under – Can only redeem if an adult (18+) redemption nominee is travelling with them on the same award
  • 17 and Under – Are not allowed to redeem for others unless they are travelling with them
  • 12-17 – Can travel alone if a “Unaccompanied Minors Assistance and Handling form” is completed

You can find out more using the link below:

Redeeming Miles for Children on Singapore Airlines

Family or Household Pooling of KrisFlyer Miles

Singapore Airlines has no household membership options – you join as an individual, this makes earning and spending as a family slightly difficult.  Firstly I recommend setting your family up as a web of redemption nominees to give yourself the flexibility to redeem as you need to.

The new partnership with Virgin Australia’s Velocity does open up an interesting option for families to pool their Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Miles.  Velocity has a programme called “Family Pooling” where a member can pool points (potentially KrisFlyer Miles) into a single pot.

In order to be able to do this family members would need to be part of Velocity and you’ll need to transfer minimums of 5,000 KrisFlyer miles each time.  You’ll lose 35% in the process due to the conversion rates (see my post for details here).  I’d really only do this if you have a stack of expiring miles.

You can find out more on the conversion and on Velocity Family pooling below:

Singapore Airlines and Virgin Australia Announce Conversion Rates

Virgin Australia Family Pooling

Tracking Family or Household KrisFlyer Miles

One of your problems for using Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer miles for families is going to be tracking your household members miles and expiry.  I recommend that you use Award Wallet to help you out track your miles and points.  For Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer you’ll always be able to check the balances for your children, but their expiry will only be shown if the miles expire within the next 12 months (i.e. in your KrisFlyer statement).  This is more than adequate warning.

Please use my referral link below if you are interested in the service:

FlyStayTravel Referral for Award Wallet

If you have family members with expiring miles then I suggest to have a read through the post below on what to do with small amounts or expiring miles:

How to use those expiring or small amounts of Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Miles

I hope all of this helped and if you want more information on travelling with kids on Singapore Airlines then check out the Singapore Airlines website via the link below:

Singapore Airlines – Travelling with Kids

I’m keen on making this post as useful as possible so if you have any tips or tricks then let everyone know by leaving a comment below!