How to Use Malaysia Airlines Enrich for Families

This is a continuation of family friendly posts and this time I’m looking at how to use Malaysia Airlines Enrich Miles for families.

How to Use Malaysia Airlines Enrich for Families

Earning Malaysia Airlines Enrich Miles for Children

Something that many people forget is that kids can earn Enrich Miles too.  Anyone aged 2 and above can join and therefore earn Malaysia Airlines Enrich Miles.  Infants who are 0-23 months are required to pay 10% of the fare and will not earn Enrich Miles.  2-11 year olds pay 85% of the fare (they require a seat) and should earn the full rate of Enrich miles as per the fare and class of travel – although the terms and conditions of Enrich are not clear.  If your children aren’t members of Enrich then I’ve provided the sign-up link below as well as a link as to how to find the fare class you’re flying in:

1000 Miles Sign-Up to Malaysia Airlines Enrich

Finding the Fare Class on Malaysia Airlines

Redeem Enrich for Family Members

As with many airlines Malaysia airlines has certain restrictions for redeeming frequent flyer miles for family members.  Here are the rules:

  • Enrich Members under the age of 15 years must have written consent from a parent or guardian in order to redeem Enrich Miles. Only the Enrich Member may request to redeem Enrich Miles from their Account;
  • A child (aged 2 to 11 years) or infant (aged 1 month to 23 months) is treated the same as an adult and requires the same number of Enrich Miles for an Enrich Award
  • Redemption for infant on First Class is not permitted.  An “Unaccompanied Young Passenger” (child who has reached the 5th but not the 15th birthday and is not accompanied by his/her parents, guardian or a passenger aged 18 years or more) is not eligible for Enrich Award redemption ticket

You can find out more using the link below under “General Guidelines”

Terms and Conditions for Malaysia Airlines Enrich

Pooling or Sharing of Malaysia Airlines Enrich Miles

Malaysia Airlines has no household membership options – you join as an individual, this makes earning and spending as a family slightly difficult.  You can redeem Enrich Miles for someone else (it doesn’t have to be a family member), but all of the Enrich Miles need to come from one account.

Malaysia Airlines also offers a redemption offer that isn’t that well know called the Companion Travel Award.  For those that purchase a full fare business or first class ticket you can then combine with a cheap redemption ticket, and you’ll earn Enrich miles for the purchased ticket.  So as an example for a family of four you could purchase 2 tickets and redeem a further two using the companion award.  Note that child tickets cannot be used as the principal tickets (because they are discounted).  For more details check out my link below on companion travel awards

Companion Travel Award Redemptions

Malaysia Airlines also offers another option for families to manage their Enrich Miles.  Firstly there is Enrich Transfer which enables Enrich members to transfer miles between accounts.  Unfortunately there is a RM40 charge for the transaction and a further RM0.04 charge per mile, but it is a way to combine your miles.  If you want to know more about Transferring or what to do with Expiring Miles then check out the links below:

Transferring Enrich Miles

How to Use Small Amounts or Expiring Enrich Miles

Tracking Family Miles

One of your problems for using Malaysia Airlines Enrich miles for families is going to be tracking your household members miles and expiry.  I recommend that you use Award Wallet to help you out track your miles and points.  Award Wallet tracks many different hotel and airline loyalty programs including Malaysia Airlines Enrich, and it always shows the expiry dates of your miles – especially important considering the recent changes.

Please use my referral link below if you are interested in the service, and I’ve included a link to the changes in expiry rules too:

FlyStayTravel Referral for Award Wallet

Malaysia Airlines Expiry Changes

If you have family members with expiring miles then I suggest to have a read through the post below on what to do with small amounts or expiring miles: How to Use Small Amounts or Expiring Enrich Miles

More information on travelling with children on Malaysia Airlines:

Travelling with Infants and Children

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