How to Search for Award Availability for Flight Redemptions Using the Singapore Airlines iOS App

This article looks at how to search for award availability for flight redemptions using the Singapore Airlines iOS App for iPhone.  I posted a while ago about how to search for award availability using the website which you can check out here: Search for Singapore Airlines Redemption Flights

KF App ImageWhy Use the Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer App?

Before even looking into the award search I thought it would be worth going through a few reasons as to why it’s a useful app for KrisFlyer members.  The app does have all of the standard features that most airline apps have:

  • make and retrieve bookings
  • check in multiple passengers within the same booking
  • save Mobile Boarding Pass onto your smartphone (for supported flights*)
  • track status of selected flights
  • check flight schedules
  • amend bookings
  • access KrisFlyer statements and extend expiring miles
  • make redemption bookings

I tend to use the app only for helping me to remember my KrisFlyer number, access my bookings as well as to use the award search engine.  However the main advantage of the app over the website is that you can search for multiple days at once very quickly – something which is great when you’re finding it hard on popular routes to find award availability space.

How to Search for Award Availability for Flight Redemptions Using the Singapore Airlines iOS App

Step 1 – Get the App

To start you booking you’ll need to first have the app, it’s available for iOS through iTunes and an Android app is also available here are the download links:

For general information on the apps check out the Singapore Airlines Site here:

Singapore Airlines Mobile Services

Step 2 – Open and Start Your Search

You’ll now need to open up the app and then select flight search.

Flight Search

Step 3 – Select KrisFlyer Redemption and Login

Once you’re in the flight search the first thing to do is select the flight redemption option, as with the Singapore Airlines website it’ll request you to login in to search.  So login and once compete you’ll be sent back to the flight search.

Flight Redemption Option

Step 4 – Enter Your Flight Details and Redemption Option

So now enter your flight details, in this example I’m looking at a business class redemption to Melbourne from Singapore.  In order to use the powerful app feature of searching multiple dates you need to select the “Flexible Dates” option as shown below:

Flexible Dates

Step 5 – Review the Options

The search has a sliding bar showing the cost in miles for each day – the original date + and – 3 days so 7 in total – much better than the one day the website shows.  Handily as well the app automatically applies the 15% discount whereas the website only does this after an extra click.

The main downside is that you can’t see at this point what the flight times are, you have to do another step for that.

Search Results

Step 6 – Select the Preferred Date and Flights

In order to see the timings of the flights as well as what’s actually available in each award category you need to select a date and continue.  So in this example there are two flights available – SQ237 and SQ207 at saver level.  What this page doesn’t tell you is what aircraft they are on, and regular Singapore Airlines flyers will know that there is a bit of variety particularly in business and first class.

Taxes and fees are also shown on this page right if you scroll down to the end.

Preferred Flights

Step 7 – Check on the Aircraft and Full Details

If you select your preferred flight by tapping on it you’ll be brought to the last page before the booking process showing the aircraft, all of the flight details as well as the cost breakdown in taxes and fees.

  Full DetailsCost Breakdown


Whilst I don’t use the app for all of my searches it is certainly handy when on the move.  I genuinely use it to check on my KrisFlyer balance as well as my bookings.

Do you use the app – what do you think?