How to Redeem and Search for Award Availability With Malaysia Airlines Enrich Miles

This another is a series for searching for award availability with Malaysia Airlines, and this time we are looking at finding space with Malaysia Airlines Enrich tool.

How to Redeem and Search for Award Availability With Malaysia Airlines Enrich Miles

How to Redeem and Search for Award Availability With Malaysia Airlines Enrich Miles

There are essentially 5 steps to searching for award availability with Malaysia Airlines.  The Malaysia Airlines Enrich search engine isn’t the most intelligent and gives the user few options.  In addition it tends to show more availability for Enrich members than for Oneworld partner airlines so unless you use a third party party piece of software you’re stuck with it.

I’m keen to help the Malaysia Airlines Enrich community as much as possible so if you have any tips on searching for award space then please leave a comment below and I’ll update and include with this article.

Step 1 – Sign-Up or Login to Malaysia Airlines Enrich

Malaysia Airlines is one of those frequent flyer programs that require you to be a member of their loyalty programme in order to use their search engine to look at award space.  If you are not a member then you’ll need to sign-up,  Malaysia Airlines gives you 1,000 miles just for signing up:

Malaysia Airlines Enrich New Member Sign-Up

If you are already a member then login using the link below:

Malaysia Airlines Enrich Award Availability Search

You’ll need some Enrich miles in your account in order to be able to search for award space.  You can do transfers from a number of partners if this is an issue check the partners pages for details here.

Step 2 – Selecting the Right Flight Redemption

The second step once you are logged in is to go to “Flight Redemption” which is on the left column of options:

Flight Redemption OptionYou’ll then need to select “Choose Your Flight Route”:

Flight Redemption Option 2

Step 3 – Input Your Malaysia Airlines Flight Details

In this case I’ve looked for Kuala Lumpur to London on Malaysia Airline’s A380, but you can of course look for other routes.  You need to select “Miles Redemption”.

Flight Search

Step 4 – Select the Preferred Flight

The Kuala Lumpur – London flight has two flights each day so I’ve been asked which ones I’d like to select.  You’ll also get the option of Economy, Business and First Class. The amount in Enrich Miles shown takes into account three factors:

  • Class of Travel (Economy, Business, and First Class)
  • Basic, Smart or Flex redemption ticket
  • The 15% Discount – The Enrich Miles cost already includes the 15% discount offered for redeeming Enrich Miles online.
  • The distance you are flying (if you flying on Malaysia Airlines through Kuala Lumpur then you’ll need to calculate the distance between your different points and then find which band those miles fit into the redeem with Malaysia Airlines chart to know the cost)

Flight Search 2

Note that for flights that are unavailable the search engine just states “Not Available” and if there are no available routes or flights then you’ll get this nasty red box:

Flight Search 5

There are some big drawbacks with the Malaysia Airlines system. Firstly you can’t search for flexible dates, you’ll have to do day by day – so some searches will be time consuming.

Secondly, the Enrich system doesn’t show you the redemption that you are purchasing whether it’s Basic, Smart or Flex.  You’re obviously going to be getting a lot more value for your Enrich miles for Basic fare class tickets.  As a booking tip I would have the redemption tables open to help you with what fare class you are buying:

Redeem Enrich Miles Malaysia Airlines

Thirdly if you are choosing a route that doesn’t have First Class throughout you won’t be able to select it at all using the online system.  You can try and call into the Enrich call centre to book a First/Business class mixed award (I haven’t done so and can’t say whether this actually works though).

Step 4 – Find The Taxes and Fees

The taxes and fees can be found on the flight selection page so you can have a look before proceeding to the next step.  Clicking on the “Tax” hyperlink in the bottom right hand corner and this will reveal the taxes and fees to be paid:

Flight Search 3

Step 5 – Your Itinerary

Once you are happy with the flights then carry on review your itinerary and you are ready to continue to payment and enjoy your journey with your Malaysia Airlines Enrich Miles.

Flight Search 4Did you find the guide useful?  Is there another you would like to see?